Trak Racer RS6 Mach 3 Review

The Trak Racer RS6 Mach 3 is a very capable Sim Racing Cockpit at a great affordable price, suitable for a variety of users. Finished in Matte Black, it costs £664 at the time of writing this piece. The RS6 frame alone weighs approximately 40kg, so that is a clear indication that you are buying something strong.

Assembly time for the rig is quite short as it is largely pre-assembled so easy to build. Build time is perhaps an hour or two at the most, and then further refinements and adjustments to set up the rig perfectly for you.

The Mach 3 is the third-generation, so it features a number of improvements over the earlier generations of RS6. Notable improvements include the new Trak Racer bucket racing seats, GT Style (below left) or Rally Style (below right), the new reinforced & widened pedal plate, wheel mount and gear shifter mount.

Compared to the Mach 2, the new seat with the Mach 3 is improved; more durable, comfortable, authentic race design and spacious. It has been designed to be large, so it can accommodate many larger drivers, which is a very good thing. There is also the Rally Style Seat, and a larger SA-06 Trak Racer Recline Seat for those who want easy reclining, with more cushioning and shallower bolsters for maximum comfort.

One major plus about the RS6 is its strength. For its cost, it is very strong, capable of handling all mainstream belt driven wheels with ease and even some Direct Drive wheels too (that's how strong it is). The strong frame is a major selling point for the RS6, and will easily handle all Thrustmaster, Logitech and belt-driven Fanatec wheels. For Direct Drive wheels, we would recommend either Trak Racer's TR80 or TR160 Sim Rig instead though.

The reinforced & widened pedal plate on the RS6 is compatible with all mainstream pedal sets, and will hold your pedals in place firmly. If you have seriously-powerful hydraulic pedals, we recommend you consider the Trak Racer TR160 instead.

The RS6 includes a Left/Right side Gear Shifter mount as standard (this is an additional accessory on many other sim rigs, so really good value to include this as standard), and all of the rig's main components are highly adjustable, including the pedal deck, seat mount and the multi-point steering wheel mount. These strong levels of adjustability allow people of all different heights and sizes to find their ideal driving position, so you are able to get comfortable and focus fully on your racing, whatever height or weight you are.

There are a number of additional accessories for the RS6, including speaker mounts, keyboard mounts, monitor stands and more. Specifically, there are exclusive prices offered on RS6 bundles that include monitor stands - both single monitor stand or a triple monitor stand.

The Trak Racer RS6 Mach 3 really is a fantastic sim rig; it is an especially popular upgrade for those coming from a Playseat. It is therefore unsurprising how popular the rig is among customers.