Trak Racer RS6 Review

The Trak Racer RS6 Mach 2 is an entry level Sim Racing Cockpit, available in Matte Black colour only, and costs £599.95 at the time of writing this piece. The RS6 weighs approximately 40kg, so that is a clear indication that you are buying something strong.

Assembly time for the rig is quite short, perhaps taking an hour or two at the most, and then further refinements and adjustments to set up the rig perfectly for you.

The Mach 2 is the second-generation, so it features a number of improvements over the first generation RS6. Notable improvements include the new Trak Racer bucket racing seat, the new reinforced & widened pedal plate, wheel mount and gear shifter mount.

However, as you would expect with an entry level rig, the RS6 is not perfect, so in this review we shall discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the RS6.

Compared to the Mach 1, the new seat the Mach 2 has is much superior, however still far from perfect. Trak Racer invested a lot in the new seat, and it has been upgraded so that it is much more durable than before, and more comfortable. Furthermore, it has been designed to be large, so it can accommodate many larger drivers, which is a very good thing.

One major plus about the RS6 is its strength. For its cost, it is very strong, capable of handling all mainstream belt driven wheels, and at a push (though Upshift do not advise it), it can handle a Fanatec DD1, though it is not built to do so. The strong thick frame is a major selling point for the RS6, and will easily handle all Thrustmaster, Logitech and belt-driven Fanatec wheels. For Direct Drive wheels, we recommend either Sim-Lab, Rseat, or the Trak Racer TR8. 

The reinforced & widened pedal plate on the RS6 is quite good, however upon upgrading your setup to some serious hydraulic/loadcell pedals, the pedal deck isn't really strong enough, you will notice some definite flex in it, and that renders the RS6 unsuitable for such sim racers. So if you are a serious sim racer with expensive high quality pedals, this rig will not suffice.

The RS6 includes a Left/Right side Gear Shifter mount as standard (this is an additional accessory on many other Sim Racing Cockpits), and all of the components are highly adjustable, including the pedal deck, seat mount and the multi-point steering wheel mount. These strong levels of adjustability allow people of all different heights and sizes to find their ideal driving position, so you are able to get comfortable and focus fully on your racing.

Trak Racer have a very good video outlining all of the features of the RS6: 

There are a number of additional accessories for the RS6, including speaker mounts, keyboard mounts, monitor stands and more. Specifically, there are exclusive prices offered on RS6 bundles that include Monitor stands. Standard option is a single monitor stand, but there is also the option of a Triple Monitor Stand.

Though if you want a Monitor stand, we do not recommend a Trak Racer monitor stand, we instead recommend the Sim-Lab Triple Monitor Stand, which is available in 2 colours, has a much higher quality build and has a rock-solid construction.

The Trak Racer RS6 Mach 2 is a good sim rig for those starting out; it is especially popular for those upgrading from a Playseat, and in which case it is definitely much stronger. However, the RS6 is plagued with build quality issues (the seat mainly, the rig is largely great), and for this reason, we recommend you also consider the Rseat RS1, an equally strong rig, that is hand made in the EU, so you have a better quality of construction. Of course though, this means the RS1 costs more, so you need to decide which rig is best for you.

RS6 Specifications Table