Sparco Sim Rig I

VAT included

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The Sparco Sim Rig I is a package which include a Sparco Sim Rig with a seat (Sparco Evolve-P), a Thrustmaster TS-XW Wheel and Thrustmaster T3PA pedals, so you are ready to start playing straight away! There are limited accessories available for the Sparco Evolve rig, though key accessories like a Monitor Stand and Shifter Mount are available.

Whilst the TS-XW is a good wheel, the T3PA pedals are a little junior, so we'd recommend upgrading them relatively quickly to the superior T-LCM pedals.



SPARCO SIM RIG I is an entry-level SIM RACING KIT.

An excellent Sim Racing Kit which ensures a highly immersive driving experience and also constitutes a training station for professional drivers or sim racers.

The following is the SPARCO SIM RIG I standard equipment:


• SPARCO PRO-2000 II LF seat

• Steering wheel and Pedals THRUSMASTER TS-XW RACER pedals + SPARCO P310 Competition Mod