Trak Racer 320mm Raised Pedal Brackets for Formula Position on TR160

VAT included

Adjustable Two-way Pedal Mount for TR160 Mach 1 & Mach 2

The Trak Racer TR160 320mm raised Pedal Mount Set is twice the height of the included TR160 pedal brackets (normally 160mm but 320mm with this set).

Note: Pedal Plate and Angle Adjustment brackets not included.

The Brackets are made out of thick carbon steel and in conjunction with those brackets included with the TR160 (also see part number TR160-PEDALUP2) can be angle adjusted with the locking lever and moved forwards and backwards. 

Adjustable Pedal Mount Features
Unique Bracket Design allows you to position the pedal plate above, or below the top of the chassis *Patent Pending
Hassle Free Angle Adjustment with the Tool-free screws
Thick, no-flex Carbon Steel Construction