Trak Racer Flight Sim Upgrade Mount RS6/TR8

VAT included

Flight Sim Mount for Trak Racer RS6 MK2/RS8 MK6 onwards and other cockpits with Trak Racer Shifter Mount (TR-NSM) and Seat Brackets (TR-NEWSB)

Includes 2 Mounting Plates and 1 Shift Arm. For the second Shifter mount you will either need a Trak Racer RS6 MK2 Onwards, RS8 MK6 Onwards or Trak Racer Shifter Mount (TR-NSM) and Trak Racer Seat Brackets (TR-NEWSB)

  • Suitaiable for Thrustmaster HOTAS 
  • Fully adjustable position on both left and right Joystick/Throttle mounts
  • Black powder coated
  • Adjustable tilt and position
  • Direct fitment on all RS6 MK2 and RS8 MK6 Chassis
  • Includes assembly instructions 
  • Weight: 24kg (52.9 lbs)