Is Sim Racing Good Exercise?
Does Sim Racing Burn Calories?

Not the most common question we get asked, but here's a quick explanation!

Simulation Racing (Sim Racing) is a form of racing gaming that focuses on realism and life-like authenticity.

Motorsport isn't a particularly physically-demanding sport, however at the top level of motorsport the drivers are very fit and strong to have the endurance and stamina to withstand the G-forces from cornering and have legs strong enough to consistently push the brake pedal with a lot of force without tiring, whilst coping with the high temperatures in the cockpit. The fitter you are both physically and mentally, the better you will perform. In the sim, you negate the sustained G-forces and (unless you're really overclocking your PC) your room will be far cooler than the cockpit of a Formula 1 car, so the physical element is reduced.

One thing Sim Racing does require however is a lot of focus and concentration. Like in motorsport, concentrating wholly on hitting apexes, nailing your braking points and managing tyres, fuel and temperatures of brakes & engine etc whilst defending from behind and/or attacking to overtake in front, this requires a lot of concentration and can be exhausting mentally. The exact same applies to sim racing - except arguably you have even more information at your disposal on your monitors/displays, and if you're streaming for example, you may need to manage that too! Considering many sim racers enter endurance races (that can involve multiple stints of 1-hour plus of driving), sim racing is undeniably mentally exhausting! Lando Norris has remarked that he gets just as nervous sitting on the virtual grid as he does on the real Formula 1 grid!