Not the most common question we get asked, but here's a quick explanation!

Simulation Racing (Sim Racing) is a form of racing gaming that focuses on realism and life-like authenticity.

Motorsport isn't a particularly physically-demanding sport (though at the top level you do need to be fit to withstand the G-forces from cornering, high temperatures in the cockpit and have legs strong enough to consistently push the brake pedal with a lot of force without tiring), therefore sim racing where lots of this physicality is removed is of course less arduous.

One thing Sim Racing does require however is a lot of focus and concentration. Like in motorsport, concentrating fully on hitting apexes, nailing your braking points and managing tyres etc whilst defending from behind/attacking overtakes in front, all can be exhausting mentally. The exact same applies to sim racing, except arguably you have even more information at your disposal on your monitors/displays, if you are streaming for example, you need to manage that too! Factor is a 4 hour endurance race where the time frame is long, and so is sim racing mentally exhausting - yes it most certainly can be!