Complete Sim Package - Ultimate Motion Simulator (6DOF)

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Our Expert Sim Racers have designed the Ultimate Sim Racing package, featuring the best equipment on the market to provide you a no-expense spared Ultimate Sim Racing Experience. For those with the budget who want the very best that is on the market, this is your solution.

NB - this package setup we have priced is our recommended setup based on budget, however the setup can be configured to your preference, so if you would prefer to change parts of the setup, please email us.

This package can be fully installed in your home/premises for an additional cost.

The table below outlines the contents of the Comple Sim Package - Ultimate 6DOF Motion Platform - for full details on each product, click on the blue product name text and it will take you to the full product page.

Motion Platform Qubic System QS-S25 with Cockpit Set
Seat Sparco Grid Q Gaming Seat or other seat of your choice
Wheel Base Asetek Invicta 27Nm Direct Drive Wheelbase
Wheel Rim Cube Controls CSX-3 or GTX2 Steering Wheel
Pedals Asetek Invicta pedals or Cube Controls SP01 pedals
Triple Monitor setup Samsung Odyssey G7 32" Monitor (x3) or equivalent
Gaming PC Upshift Gaming PC High-level or equivalent


Motion Platform - Qubic System QS-S25 6DOF Motion Simulator, the Ultimate Motion Platform for simulation.

Seat - Sparco Grid Q gaming seat. Other seats are available, or a seat can be excluded if you have one already.

Wheel Base - Asetek Invicta Direct Drive wheelbase which has a phenomenal 27Nm of peak torque and crisp clear feedback through its Direct Drive motor. Detailed feedback output from the motor through your wheel helps you bring your sim racing experience so much closer to racing in reality.

Wheel Rim - flagship Cube Controls CSX-3 or GTX2 steering wheel (depending on your preference of a Formula-style or GT-style wheel)

Pedals - Asetek Invicta Hydraulic Pedals or Cube Controls SP01 pedals; either are market-leading premium hydraulic pedals providing life-like realism.

Samsung Odyssey G7 monitors - three of the Samsung Odyssey G9 Ultrawide 49" Gaming Monitor 240Hz and 1ms response time; ultra-fast refresh rate and low input times, the large curved monitor gives you maximum immersion and fantastic display resolution.

Gaming PC - our high-level gaming PC or equivalent, offering excellent levels of performance suitable for VR headsets and triple screens and for playing all the latest simulation software at their highest graphical settings.