Trak Racer RS8 Mach 6 Racing Simulator Seat Cockpit

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This sixth-generation (Mach 6) of the Trak Racer RS8 is a highly-adjustable Sim Racing Cockpit, which has many premium accessories included in the price, including a Monitor Stand & Gear Shifter mount! Trak Racer listened to customer feedback about previous generations of the RS8, and this latest sixth generation is now very refined. The RS8 features two very popular accessories as standard: a Left/Right side Gear Shifter mount and a Single Monitor mount (these especially are rarely included as standard, so this is a great feature of the RS8) - this all makes the RS8 really good value-for-money. New improvements for the Mach 6 include an all new Race Seat, which is more durable than before so it is most resistant to wear & tear, and more comfortable than before, reducing fatigue during long gaming sessions. Also, the Wheel mount has been reinforced so it doesn't flex during gameplay even while using powerful racing wheels. The Gear Shifter mount also has been upgraded, now offering even more adjustability than before!

Nearly all components of the Trak Racer RS8 are highly adjustable, including the Pedal mounts, Seat mounts, Gear Shifter mount, and its fantastic Multi-Point Steering Wheel Mount. This superb adjustability helps you find your perfect driving position easily. There are also other accessories available like Keyboard mount, so you can further customise the RS8 to your preference. The Trak Racer RS8 is a premium and very impressive Sim Racing Cockpit. It looks really good finished in stylish Matte Black, and, for its price, the build quality and all the various mounts included make it excellent value-for-money, so we thoroughly recommend the RS8.

Want a Trak Racer Sim Racing Cockpit, but the RS8 is too expensive? We advise the Trak Racer RS6! 


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RS8 Mach 6 Improvements

RS8 Mach 6 improvements over Mach 5
RS8 Mach 6 Shifter Mount Upgrades Vs. Mach 5

Trak Racer RS8 Mach 6 Dimensions


The Strength is in the Materials Used

The RS8's strength sets a new standard and its weight confirms it at a heavy 37kgs (with seat)


Fibreglass GT Style Race Seat

Trak Racer have taken a real race car seat and added additional padding to reduce fatigue during a long session


Adjustable Monitor Stand

The included monitor mount acts as both a monitor stand while you're driving and a TV stand

Left or Right Side Gear Shifter Mount

The adjustable angle and slide allows you to position your shifter to the perfect position.


Small Footprint & Suitable for All

The RS8 has been designed for both large and small spaces however suitable for all heights.


Adjustable Steering Wheel Mount

Adjust the angle of almost any wheel to suit your perfect driving position.

5-Year Frame Warranty

The RS8 has been put through harsh treatment and its frame has a 5 year guarantee. The seat has a 2-year guarantee (excluding general wear and tear)




The RS8's 2" Iron Construction will ensure stable Game Play, even with powerful Direct Drive Wheels! Following the launch of the Mach 5, we found many of our clients also purchased high-end wheels. So, after collaborating and listening to customer feedback, we added an extra support, increased welding and increased material thickness, for maximum stability.


Fully Adjustable Wheel Mount
Fully Adjustable Wheel Mount


Hard Mounted to the chassis, the Wheel Deck on the upgraded RS8 will prove to be the strongest amongst its competition. After its stability, the Wheel Deck is the stand-out feature of the RS8 with height adjustment and angle adjustment to give you the most comfortable driving position. Pre-drilled mounting points for all the major brand wheels including Accuforce, Fanatec, Logitech, Thrustmaster and more.



The RS8 Pedal Deck gains its strength from the chassis of the RS8. It is adjustable in 2 positions (flat and inclined) for the most comfortable driving position. Pre-drilled mounting points for all the major brand wheels including Fanatec, Logitech, Thrustmaster and more.

Fully Adjustable Wheel 
Left / Right Side Shifter



The included shifter mount incorporates 2-point-slide and angle adjustment functionality. Pre-drilled mounting points for all the major brand wheels including Fanatec, Logitech, Thrustmaster and more.



Trak Racer know you hate movement during game time which is why our cockpits have been designed and tested alongside the worlds strongest and most professional peripherals on the market.

Heusinkveld Pro pedals (not included). RS6 Pictured.

Fully Adjustable Wheel 

Trak Racer RS8 Mach 6 Key Overview

  • Compatible with PC and Consoles
  • Compatible with all popular steering wheels, pedals and gear shifters on the market
  • IMPROVED Left and Right Side Gear Shift mount with pre-drilled mounting points and slide
  • REINFORCED Pedal Mount, suitable for all the big brands!
  • UPGRADED 2-Point adjustable steering wheel mount with slide
  • Superior build quality, stability and comfort


Frame/Chassis Features

  • Solid framework with no obstruction between your legs and no wheel side supports required
  • 580mm wide for firm stance when racing
  • Low ground clearance with hard wood rubber floor protectors
  • Finished in 2"(51mm) high-grade Iron tubing
  • Cable concealment holes allow you to run cables inside the tubing


Fibreglass GT-Style Race Seat Features

  • Premium race-ready high grade seat with hard back
  • Adjustable driving position seat
  • Ergonomically designed for extended periods of use
  • High density foam construction
  • Weight Restrictions: Up to 160kg (352 lbs)
  • Seat Sliders Included


Adjustable Wheel Mount Features

  • Solid construction
  • Pre-drilled mounting points for all major brand wheels
  • 2-Point Adjustment allows you to adjust the height and angle of the mount
  • Patent design


What's Included

  • 2" Industrial Strength Iron Chassis
  • Fixed Angle Pedal Mount
  • Premium Seat Sliders
  • Left/Right Mounting Gear Shifter
  • Fibreglass Race Seat
  • Angle, Slide & Height Adjustable Wheel Mount
  • Tools and screws included
  • Assembly Instructions


Hand Crafted

Trak Racer RS8 Compatibility

Trak Racer has become renowned for both its strength and compatibility with all the top brand gaming peripherals on the market.Wheel, Pedals, Shifter and Handbrake are not included unless mentioned in the description.


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