RSeat C1 Simulator Cockpit - Black

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Please note: Images show the rig with a Sparco Circuit II seat for illustrative purposes. You can choose the C1 without a seat or with a choice of seats from RSeat or SPARCO. Seats are not included, and are available at an additional cost.

The RSeat C1 is a new generation of RSeat sim rigs. RSeat listened to customer feedback and have produced a brand new range of sim rigs to fulfil the demand. RSeat products are 100% made in the EU and have 5-year manufacturer guarantee, so the build quality is excellent. RSeat took a 'no compromise' approach with the build quality of their new range of sim rigs - they're ergonomic, stable and stiff because of the quality of the raw materials and their thicknesses, also combined with new painting tools, extreme reinforcements and welding! RSeat guarantee you an ultra-high quality chassis, with an unfailing durability and a long term investment so you're ready for sim racing today and in the future. The C1 is highly adjustable, coming with sliders for the seat and pedals, so it is easy and fast to adjust to find optimal driving position. The C1 is a heavier cockpit than the B1 and P1, because there is substantially more curved tubing incorporated in to the design of the C1. The C1 therefore looks more refined and elegant, so has more of a presence and hence the higher price. The strength of the P1 and C1 however is identical. The C1 is also available in a White frame.  The wheel mount has been reengineered and provides maximum rigidity, ideally suited for sim racers who are looking for the most demanding feel and feedback from the steering wheel. The RSeat C1 is compatible with a variety of wheels including Logitech, Thrustmaster, Fanatec, Simucube and more! The wheel mount is ready for maximum torque from high powered Direct Drive wheels like Fanatec DD1/DD2, Simucube 2 and more. There is also a dedicated Simucube Wheel mount, for Simucube 2 Sport / Pro / Ultimate, VRS DirectForce Pro, Simucube 1 Mige motor and more; whatever your wheel, the RSeat C1 is ready for you.

The pedals plate needs to be equally as powerful, and indeed it is. The pedal plate support engineered to bear maximum braking forces from powerful hydraulic pedals, so it's rigid and tough. Furthermore, it has sliders for easy adjustment and non-slip aluminium plate up to the seat. Pedal sets from main brands like, Heusinkveld, SimTag, Ricmotech, Racewerk, NSH Pedals will not intimidate it!

There are a variety of accessories available for the C1 - see list below:

1) Keyboard & Mouse Tray Upgrade Kit: swivel keyboard and mouse tray installed on either left or right side of the chassis upon user's preference;
2) Chassis Monitor Stand Upgrade Kit: ergonomic monitor mount which attaches directly to the frame and holds monitors/TVs from 24" up to ultrawide 49" monitors;
3) Tablet/Button Box Upgrade Kit: ergonomic mount add on for tablet and/or button box;
4) C1 Shifter / Handbrake Upgrade Kit: ergonomic mount add on for shifter and/or handbrake;
5) ButtKicker Mount Upgrade Kit: mount for ButtKicker Gamer2, Simulation Kit, mini LFE, Pearl Throne Thumper;
6) Simucube 2 / Mige wheelbase mount: strong mounting solution for direct mounting of Simucube 2 Sport / Pro / Ultimate, VRS wheelbase and other wheels that use mige motors;
7) Sim Racing Seat: RSeat P1 comes with base mounting brackets installed and side mount brackets in the box more. The newly designed seat plates ensure that every customer will find their right position to race. Choose a seat from a wide range, including an RSeat Eco-Leather or Alcantara seat, Sparco seats and more, whether they be side mounting or bottom mounting).

Overall, we think the RSeat C1 is a brilliant sim rig - it's made in EU and built from quality parts, reinforced to give it high strength and rigidity, has seat & pedal sliders for quick & easy adjustments, is compatible with all the main sim racing wheels/pedals and has many accessories available to enhance the rig further, so the RSeat C1 is thoroughly recommended.