Sim-Lab P1-X Sim Racing Chassis

VAT included

Adjustable feet
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The P1-X and the Trak Racer TR160 are both very strong sim rigs, both 160x40 aluminium profile construction with T-slots. Both of these rigs are capable of handling the most powerful Direct Drive wheels with no flex - both the P1-X and TR160 are equally as strong & rigid. However, the Trak Racer TR160 is much better value for money than the P1-X, because . Furthermore, the P1-X ships with no accessories, just the bare chassis; the TR160 on the other hand ships as a complete turnkey package, which includes seat brackets for a seat, a seat slider for moving the seat backwards/forwards, a gear shifter/handbrake mount and adjustable rubber feet, all in the price of the TR160 rig! Furthermore, whilst the P1-X costs extra if you want the rig in black, the TR160 ships with an anodised matte black finish already. With the Trak Racer TR160, you really do get more included for less cost.

Furthermore, where the P1-X lacks in comparison to the Trak Racer TR160 is the 'turnkey setup' -  With the P1-X, you need to order all these parts sold separately - doing so, that adds over £120 more to the cost! This highlights how good value for money the Trak Racer TR160 is in comparison. As well as this, the aluminium profiles are great for adjustments and customisation, though aesthetically are perhaps not to some people's taste.

As highlighted before, with the P1-X only the chassis is included - key parts like seat brackets, various brackets/sliders and other plate are sold separately, which adds to the overall cost of the setup a lot.  You will need to buy a seat separately - for some people, the hassle of having to source a seat is a negative - if you are in this group, you should do for a bundle of the Trak Racer TR160 with either their GT or Rally style seat.

For those who don't want a seat included, both the TR160 and P1-X are available as chassis only, so you have unlimited freedom to decide which seat you want, thus you can make your setup individual and unique.

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