Simucube 2 Ultimate Direct Drive Wheel base

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Simucube designed the Simucube 2 Ultimate model with the mindset that "only the best is good enough". The Simucube 2 Ultimate offers a phenomenal 32Nm peak torque from it motor, and the high torque response rate is at your disposal at any time. Simucube's uncompromising pursuit for the Ultimate Sim Racing wheel led to them using the highest quality equipment - for example, the motor is capable of 70Nm torque, so the 32Nm dynamic range it's run at is well within its capability. The ample processing power of the unit ensures ultra low-latency performance, and the 24-bit resolution Hiperface angle sensors are undoubtedly the most accurate angle sensors in all force feedback wheels ever, with the viewpoint of providing complete realism to the user.

The Simucube 2 Ultimate is for sim racers who want the most realistic sim racing wheel base, with abundant torque and exceptional internals culminating in an extremely capable wheel base. Furthermore, the Simucube 2 Ultimate comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty, so in your pursuit of the last tenth or hundredth, you can have supreme confidence in your equipment.

Included in the box with the Simucube 2 Ultimate is:

  • Simucube 2 Ultimate wheel base
  • Power supply (UK specification)
  • Premium full metal design Remote Torque off button with remote power switch
  • Simucube Quick Release and one wheel side counterpart to be equipped on standard wheel
  • Power cables, Remote torque off cable, USB cable
  • Quick start guide

Below is a table highlighting the main differences between the range of Simucube 2 wheel bases.

Simucube 2 comparison table


Direct Drive optimised ultra low torque ripple motor

High response speed Direct Drive optimised ultra low torque ripple motor Maximum response speed, low inertia, Direct Drive optimised ultra low torque ripple motor
Simucube Wireless Wheel™ support
Included Included Included
Simucube Quick Release™
Sold separately
Sold separately
Max torque*
17 Nm 25 Nm 32 Nm
Max torque slew rate
4.8 Nm/ms 8.0 Nm/ms 9.5 Nm/ms
Angle sensor
22 bit absolute 22 bit absolute 24 bit Hiperface
Torque Off button
Standard (Premium optional) Standard (Premium optional) Premium (with remote power switch)
Power supply
280 W R1 2 x 280 W / R2 1 x 450 W Peak 1000 W
Wheel base dimensions incl. SQR™
130 x 130 x 250 mm 130 x 130 x 270 mm 115 x 115 x 310 mm
Mounting holes
M8 x 4 pcs threaded hole M8 x 4 pcs threaded hole 9 mm dia x 4 pcs through hole
Mounting hole pattern dia
145 mm 145 mm 130 mm
Flange centering hole dia
110 mm 110 mm 110 mm
Wheel base weight
8.0 kg 11.1 kg 11.3 kg
Standard warranty
24 months 24 months 60 months


Manufacturer description:

Technical specification Ultimate

Abundant 32 Nm of torque and maxed-out torque response rate is at your disposal at anytime. Ultimate is based on Austrian made maximally dynamic industrial motor optimized for simulation. It's equipped with a 24 bit resolution Hiperface angle sensor to be fully utilized by the most advanced signal processing unit seen in simulators.

Ultimate exclusively comes with advanced fine tunable signal processing to make the experience as personalized as humanly possible. This model was designed with "only the best is good enough" mindset.

Simucube Ultimate is our tribute to the Ultimate drivers.

Simucube 2 model


Simucube Wireless Wheel™ support


Simucube Quick Release™


Torque reconstruction processing


Static force reduction [1]


Natural damping, inertia and friction filters


Ultra low latency mode [2]


Adjustable torque slew rate limit [3]


Non-linear force saturation [4]


Super Fine tuning filters [5]


Factory calibration

Unique multi torque cogging + ripple (certificate included)

Max torque

32 Nm

Max torque slew rate

9.5 Nm/ms

Angle sensor resolution

24 bit

Torque Off button


Power supply

1000 W

Physical size

115 x 115 x 310 mm

Fixing holes

9mm dia x 4 pcs. through hole

Screw bolt pattern dia

130 mm

Flange centering hole dia

110 mm

[1] Take benefits of full torque dynamics range without the need of gym training to turn the wheel. This filter will allow reducing the static torque needed to turn the wheel on heavy cars while passing thru all the fine force details to give a competitive advantage to the Simucube driver.

[2] Minimizes the delay between simulator and driver giving better responsivity and less oscillation

[3] Reduces the sharpness of the kick in high torque spikes

[4] Reduces peak torque in non-linear way

[5] Allows fine adjustment of detailed filter parameters


Full metal construction

The body of Simucube 2 has been built from precision machined solid metal parts. It’s pretty hard to find a plastic part in it – pretty much the only non-metallic one is the “radiofrequency window” for Wireless Wheel Receiver.


Hiperface angle sensor

Simucube 2 Ultimate has undoubtedly the most accurate angle sensors in all force feedback wheels ever. The sensor has a Hiperface interface with a resolution of 16 million counts per revolution. The quality of the angle sensor information has paramount importance when calculating natural physics effects and filters. Any imperfection of the sensor signal would feel like a distortion in reality. All Simucube 2’s signal processing units have been optimized to take full advantage of the unmatched sensor precision. The output of the Hiperface sensor is sampled at a constant 20 kHz sample rate.


Direct Drive brushless torque motor

Only the very best is good enough for Ultimate drivers. Simucube developer team compared over 40 motors, hand-tested over ten of them, then picked the best imaginable motor, and finally customized it to suit absolutely flawlessly in professional racing simulation. This is how the Ultimate motor was born. SC2 Ultimate’s motor is designed to operate up to whopping 70 Nm peak torque, so running it up to 32 Nm dynamic range is a breeze. Ultimate motors are also individually calibrated in production to iron out any measurable torque error and ripple.


Isolated surge protected USB

No Simucube driver shall ever become the victim of interference prone USB connection. Thanks to a galvanic isolation layer between the USB and power electronics. This also protects the PC from current spikes. In addition, all connectors found on the back of SC2 are ESD protected exceeding the industrial requirements.


Dual CPU architecture

To unleash the full potential of the glorious motor and to process signals at maximum precision, Simucube 2 has been given a dedicated 216 MHz real-time processor in addition to a dedicated 144 MHz PC USB interface CPU. Unique dual CPU architecture ensures zero impact on ultra-low latency performance even when all processing and simulator actions are running simultaneously. The new 216 MHz processor features superscalar ARM architecture, making it effectively four times faster than the 72 MHz processors of IONI drive in Simucube 1.


Passive cooling

Thanks to high-efficiency direct-drive operation optimized motors and clever electronics heat guiding, there is no dust collecting nor noisy fans in Simucube 2. High-efficiency motor puts out less heat and consumes less power.


Oversized rugged power components

All Simucube 2’s electronics have been designed in Finland by Granite Devices – also known from their reliable industrial motor drives. Simucube has been proudly built with the same uncompromising industrial quality principles. This means prioritizing ruggedness and longevity over the cost of the components. Simucube 2 power MOSFETs are rated over 2X their actual need to make them virtually immortal.


Remote power switch & Stop button

Because high torque may pose a hazard if the simulator software goes nuts, or if the driver becomes careless with the high torque wheel, Simucube 2 Ultimate comes with externally mountable premium full-metal Torque off button with a remote power switch.