Simucube 2 Wheelside QR Kit

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Simucube Quick Release Kit (Wheel side)

Just like rest of Simucube, SQR has been built to be virtually immortal. The only practically wearing part, spring loaded pin mechanism, is made out of standard stock parts making it user serviceable.

Upgraded version with 30mm spacer and 70mm wheel adapter and improved compatibility.

Becoming master of multiple race car classes is finally reality without a single compromise. Different kinds of wheels are rapidly and securely interchangeable thanks to solid-metal Quick Release and low-latency Wireless Wheel connection.

Precision machined full-metal Simucube Quick Release guarantees zero backlash and rock solid operation even under the extreme torques of direct drive wheel base. Guided rail design ensures perfect lock-in every time, and spring preloaded pin mechanism will ensure non-degrading tight coupling over thousands of swap cycles.