Trak Racer Left and Right Side Shifter + Handbrake Mount for RS6/TR8

VAT included

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Shifter and Handbrake Upgrade Mount

Mounts both Left and Right Side of the Chassis to have the Shifter and Handbrake side by side  Suits all Trak Racer RS6 (Mach 1 and 2) and RS8 Mach 4 onwards and TR8 Mach 1 onwards

  • The Trak Racer Shifter Mount allows you to mount a shifter and handbrake side by side
  • Compatible with all top brands of Shifters, Handbrakes and other controllers
  • Painted in Matte Black Paint
  • Adjustable handbrake mounting points
  • Consists of Solid Shift Stem
  • Suitable for Trak Racer RS6 Mach 1/2 and RS8 Mach 4/5/6 onwards and TR8 Mach 1 onwards

Suitable for

  • Fanatec, Heusinkveld, Derek Speares and Thrustmaster TSS Handbrakes and more