Alpine Racing TRX Racing Simulator

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Wheel Mount

The Alpine Racing TRX Racing Simulator from Trak Racer, a collaboration between Alpine Racing Formula 1 Team and Trak Racer to develop a state of the art flagship sim rig. The TRX is  Hybrid Sim Rig, which means it can provide both a Formula (single seater) driving position and a GT (upright) driving position and crucially thanks to the design of the TRX, swapping between these is quick and easy to swap between these positions, not requiring any tools to do so. 

The TRX is available in 2 colour finishes - Black or Alpine Racing Livery, and includes the seat, pedal plate and and a choice of wheel mounts for optimal mounting of your racing wheel.

Manufacturer description:


The Alpine Racing TRX has been designed to meet the demands of all professional motorsport drivers from GT to Formula; and everything in between. By adjusting the height and angle of the pedal tray, wheel mount and seat, you’ll be able to find the most accurate position for each style of motorsport whether you’re a professional driver or aspiring to be one!




The unique selling point of the Alpine Racing TRX is that it was co-designed by Alpine F1 Team Engineers; so it’s as close as you can get to the real thing, at home. In Formula position you’re able to experience the same seating as in the "real car".


The Seat

The clever design of the seat lets it act as two-in-one. Tilt it back and add the headrest for Formula position and adjust it up for GT seating position. The aesthetics of the seat follow the same design cues as Alpine’s A521.

The Pedal Tray*

Raise and angle the pre-drilled pedal plate for Formula, GT and Inverted pedal positioning. The quick adjustment allows you to do all this in minutes so your pit-stop times will be kept to a minimum.

The Frame

The Alpine Racing TRX's 2" Iron Construction will ensure stable Game Play with Direct Drive Wheels and more. The Dual Tube running up to Wheel Mount will ensure you have more strength than what you will need.

The Seat Bracket*

Complete adjustability is the advantage of the Alpine Racing TRX’s seat assembly. Equipped with a slider, the clever design lets you adjust the seat height and angle to suit your desired seating position.

The Wheel Mount*

This part is cool, also patented for being so clever, the wheel mount allows quick adjustment of the height and distance as well as the angle.


The Warranty

Jump in the driver’s seat of the Alpine Racing TRX with the confidence of a 5-Year frame warranty from Trak Racer. Although, as we use the best materials and skilled craftsmanship, we are confident we won't hear from you!