Sim Rig Mat with RGB lights

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Our RGB Sim Rig Mat is the perfect complement to your R-PRO Black Edition Sim Rig!

This floor mat will illuminate your room with a subtle glow, as well as provide you a comfortable and grippy floor protection mat.

Highly recommended.

Our RGB floor mat is a very popular accessory to add to your R-PRO sim rig, the perfect finishing touch for your racing simulator! 

Spanning the entire mat is a luminescent fibre cable, which lights up producing a lovely rich glow that really looks fantastic! It lights up around the rig giving it real presence, but that's also subtle enough so that you're not distracted when racing.

There are 10 mode you can choose from (single colour, multicolour, pulsating and off). The lights are powered by a USB cable (included). The mat looks impressive enough even with the lights off, so you can use it without plugging it in if you so wish to.

The mat has an anti-slip base, so it's ideal for use on solid surfaces and will keep your rig in place as well as create a buffer layer between your floor and the rig.

The mat's surface is made of an ultra-fine fibre so it has a very comfortable texture, so is very comfortable to walk on in socks and barefoot.

Sim Rig Mat with RGB Dimensions

Length: 140 cm
Width: 60 cm

We designed our RGB Sim Rig Mat to neatly fit our R-PRO sim rig, snugly fitting around the rig so it doesn't take up too much floor space (so you can use the mat in smaller rooms).

Furthermore, we chose this size so that the RGB lighting is complementary and aesthetically pleasing, and crucially doesn't distract you whilst racing.


The optical fibres on the edges are fragile, and will be crushed if you roll / place your rig directly on these fibres. Please do take extreme care when rolling or moving your rig into position.

We've tested all the options and selected the most robust fibres available, but if you step directly on the fibres, or sit the rig or anything else heavy on the fibres you do risk crushing it. We therefore recommend taking extra care when installing your rig.

We won't be able to provide a replacement due to accidental damage, it's very apparent when the fibres have been crushed by accident.

Provided, as we did, you take due care when assembling/positioning your rig on the mat, the end result is absolutely worthwhile!

If you've any questions regarding this, or would like to see this mat in person before buying, please Contact Us and we will gladly arrange an appointment for you.

Best paired with the R-PRO Black Edition!