Asetek Invicta QR Adapter

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The Invicta QR is the perfect addition to your Asetek Forte or Invicta Direct Drive Wheelbase.

The Invicta QR adapter allows you to use a third party steering wheel, such as Cube Controls, GSI and Ascher Racing with your Asetek Wheelbase!

The Asetek Invicta QR Adapter allows you to use steering wheels from other brands like Cube Controls, GSI and Ascher Racing with your Asetek Forte Direct Drive Wheelbase and Asetek Invicta Direct Drive Wheelbase. It's a very exciting product because it opens up a massive new range of compatible steering wheels to use with Asetek SimSports Wheelbases. 

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The Invicta Quick Release Adapter makes it possible to mount any steering wheel with a standard hole pattern (70 mm & 50.8 mm bolt patterns) on your Asetek SimSports Wheelbase. This Invicta QR Adapter include three different shaft lengths (the shortest being 80mm, then 150mm and finally the largest being 200mm total Quick Release lengths) and it includes optional USB support per the image below:


Here is Asetek CEO André talking you through the features of their Invicta QR:


Sturdy, no-play Quick Release with a guaranteed no disengages up to 500N of pull-force on a 320mm wheel*

Optional USB support

High-quality aluminium parts

70 mm & 50.8 mm bolt patterns

Designed and manufactured in Denmark

As of now, the manufacturers who wish to commit to providing their own wheels with the option of an integrated Invicta Quick Release Adapter are:

  • Ascher Racing
  • BavarianSimTec
  • Cube Controls
  • GSI – Gomez Sim Industries
  • Rexing
  • SimCore
  • Simline
  • Trak Racer
  • VPG Sim
  • Soelpec
  • Delta Simtech