Asetek Forte® Bundle

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Steering Wheel



We're excited to present the Asetek Forte® Bundle which comprises the following:

  • Asetek Forte 18Nm Direct Drive Wheelbase 
  • Asetek Forte Formula Steering Wheel or Forte Button Box with GT Steering Wheel
  • Asetek Forte S-Series pedals
  • BONUS Asetek Elastomer Kit, which enhances range of adjustment to the Forte's brake pedal, included free of charge! (RRP £49.99)

This bundle gives you all the hardware you need to start sim racing, just mount this to your rig and connect to your computer and you're off!

Asetek Forte Direct Drive Wheelbase
The Asetek Forte Direct Drive Wheelbase features a fantastic 18Nm peak torque, an abundance of torque that will meet the needs of every racer. 
Asetek have routed the connectivity for their steering wheels all through the wheelbase and the quick release, so your steering wheel doesn't need to have any pesky cables trailing from it. Furthermore, because nobody likes having to charge their steering wheel, Asetek have routed the charging through the wheelbase so with the Asetek Forte Direct Drive wheelbase, you don't need to worry about battery life, connectivity issues or messy cables from your steering wheel - everything is channelled through the wheelbase to give you a seamless racing experience.

The Asetek Forte Direct Drive wheelbase has 4 adjustable RGB LED lights, which further enhance the sleek aesthetic and add to the presence this premium wheelbase possesses. The 22bit encoder housed within the wheelbase is accurate to increments of 0.000085 degrees, so you can be assured of absolute precision with your inputs!

Asetek Forte Formula Steering Wheel OR Forte Button Box with GT Wheel Rim
You can choose one of two official types of Asetek steering wheels.
For Formula One fans, we recommend the Asetek Forte Formula Steering Wheel (pictured below left) with its unique formula design.
For GT, touring car, rally or drift fans, then we recommend the Asetek Forte Button Box with GT Wheel Rim. Furthermore, with this you actually have a further choice of 6 different GT wheel rims - pictured below right is the Round Comfort+ option.

Irrespective of which you choose, both of these wheels feature two contactless magnetic shifter paddles, for fast and seamless gear shifts. Furthermore, the wheel is easily upgradeable to a dual-clutch for perfect race starts as well as two additional mappable paddles that for example can be used for effortless overtakes and DRS activations. As well as this, there are an abundance of fully customisable aRGB LEDs including rev and flag lights.

Utilising Asetek's quick release system, the wheel is easily connected and disconnected – literally, all you have to do to disconnect the wheel from the wheelbase is to press a paddle and the wheel will be released into your hands! Asetek's pursuit for the ultimate steering wheel means that their quick release system incorporates the charging/powering of the steering wheel, so there are NO batteries that need to be charged, the steering wheel is powered directly from the wheelbase. Furthermore, this ingenious system means there is no reliance on wireless signals or cables that can break or fall off - everything is included and operated through their easy-to-use no-play quick release. Very impressive innovation.

Asetek Forte S-Series Pedals
The Asetek Forte Sim Racing Pedals were designed to replicate the braking experience you get in a real racing car as closely as possible, to help you consistently perform at your best. Consequently, the Forte brake pedal has short travel and is very firm, faithfully replicating the race car brake performance giving an authentic racing experience. 

Asetek Elastomer Kit

As a bonus, we include this kit free of charge. This kit features 5 elastomers, ranging from softer to firmer, to give you more adjustment in the firmness of your brake pedal; if you prefer a softer brake pedal than the default, then there is an elastomer for that, and equally if you want a firmer brake pedal than the default, there is an elastomer for that too.