RS1 Sim Racing Recline Seat

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Get a £30 discount off the RS1 Recline Seat — reducing it to only £199.99 — when you purchase it with our R-PRO Black Edition Sim Racing Rig!

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RS1 Sim Racing Recline Seat

The RS1 is our best selling recline sim racing seat, because it balances comfort & style while being very well priced - the perfect combination with your R-PRO Black Edition Sim Rig. 

The RS1 seat is upholstered in black leatherette, with elegant diamond stitching pattern on the insides of the bolsters and striking contrast stitching, giving the seat a premium and stylish appearance. The seat is embellished with the Upshift logo in white stitching, and the rear of the seat is finished in a faux-carbon fibre style leatherette, further adding to its sporty intentions. Subtle & Stylish.

The RS1 Seat was designed to be mounted directly to the R-PRO and, in-keeping with our ethos of convenience, the RS1 Racing Seat mounts directly to the R-PRO rig via the included dual-locking seat slider. Furthermore, to keep the assembly straight forward and quick, the seat slider is pre-installed to the seat from the factory, so it's more convenient for you and to have you racing sooner! The dual-locking seat slider provides you with quick and easy adjustments backwards/forwards, enabling you and anyone else who uses it to get a suitable driving position.

Our RS1 is a recliner seat, which is similar to a sporty car seat; the RS1 has sporty cushioned bolsters that will grip you snugly in the seat, giving a racey feel. The cushioned bolsters are comfortable, supportive and purposeful, so they gently hug you as you drive and hold you in the seat, emphasising the racing intentions of the seat. At the same time, these cushioned bolsters are also relatively soft and they have some give, which means getting in and out of the seat is easy.

The RS1 Recline Seat is shipped to you fully assembled and ready to be bolted onto the rig.
Unlike other manufacturers who ship seats to you in pieces for you to assemble, we pre-assemble the seat for you at our factory, and we also pre-install the seat slider, so all you need to do is bolt it to the rig and you are ready to race!

Being a recliner seat, this means the RS1 has an easy-to-use lever that you pull and can adjust the angle of the seat, incorporating as much/little recline as you may want! This is a great feature as it allows for quick and easy recline adjustments, in combination with the seat slider, it means whoever you are, you can find your ideal driving position. If you needed to put the rig away in storage or transport it during a house move, the seat also folds very far forwards, which is great if you want to minimise the space the rig occupies. 

For racers who want maximum realism, a fibreglass bucket seat like our GTS Bucket Seat provides deeper, fixed bolsters like you'll find in a racing car, designed specifically to keep the driver firmly in place; the trade off is bucket seats are a little harder to get in and out of and there isn't any give in the fixed bolsters, so if you've got a particularly wide chest/waist this may be an issue, but for the majority of racers this isn't an issue. 

The RS1 Recline Seat is a brilliant seat for all sim racers who want a sporty racing seat that is comfortable and without the high bolsters of a traditional bucket seat. For some people, the big bolsters of a bucket seat are fantastic; for others, these big bolsters are restrictive and uncomfortable. Our RS1 Recline Seat is an ideal option for racers who want a seat that is comfortable and spacious. The RS1 was designed with comfort in mind to be, first and foremost, a gaming seat. A racing seat needs to be strong and protect the driver; a gaming seat's focus is about comfort and adjustability, being easy to use and ergonomic for longer gaming sessions. This is exactly what the RS1. The RS1 Recline Seat is fully compatible with our R-PRO Black Edition Sim Rig, and it attaches to the rig using the include dual lock seat slider, so as well as easy recline adjustment, you can also easily slide the seat back and forth easily with the slider, so the RS1 really is an ideal solution for individuals who require lots of adjustment.

Disclaimer: this is a gaming seat strictly for use with gaming simulators only.

Sizing Diagram - RS1 Recline Seat

Max height: 6 ft 4 in / 193cm
Max waist size: 34 inch
Max weight: 100kg

For your guidance, we have produced this seat sizing diagram, with measurements of our RS1 Seat at crucial areas including the waist, chest, shoulders and legs.

We recommend our RS1 Recline Seat for racers up to 6′ 4″ (1.93m) and 34 inch waist.

With respect to minimum height, racers smaller than 4ft10 / 147cm may require a booster cushion to comfortably reach the wheel and pedals. Feel free to contact us to discuss if you're looking for a seat suitable for a younger racer.

Furthermore, we also offer a Try Before you Buy service, so we welcome you to visit us to try our RS1 and see if it's suitable for you!

What's Included?

Included with your RS1 Sim Racing Seat:

  • Upshift RS1 Recline Seat
  • Dual Locking Seat Slider (pre-installed on the seat for your convenience)
  • Bolts and nuts
  • Step-by-step manual for installation onto your R-PRO sim rig

The perfect match for the R-PRO

Our RS1 recliner seat was designed specifically for our R-PRO Black Edition Sim Racing Cockpit, so we do recommend pairing this seat with our R-PRO sim rig.

We designed this seat specifically to be mounted to the R-PRO and, again in keeping with our ethos of convenience, the seat mounts directly to the R-PRO rig using the included seat slider, pre-installed from the factory for your convenience and ease of assembly.

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Try Before you Buy

If you would like to try the RS1 Recline Seat to see if it's right for you, we will gladly meet you for a viewing.

Viewings available 7 days a week, and take place at our office in Gateshead, NE16 3AS, right next to the Metrocentre.

Pre-booking required