Upshift is run by Expert Sim Racing enthusiasts, so we know which products are good, and which aren't. We only sell the best Sim Racing products, and we review them all so you know exactly what each product is like. We work with many of the Best Sim Racing Brands worldwide - check them out on this page, and go to their dedicated brand pages to see all their products.


Trak Racer are one of sim racing's biggest sim rig manufacturer's, known for their super strong, adjustable, and offer extremely good value-for-money rigs. With a line up of aluminium profile rigs including the TR80 and TR160, and traditional RS6 and TR8 rigs, as well as numerous accessories for everything you could possibly want, they are the perfect rig for you. 


We are delighted to be partnered with the folks at Fierce PC. Their ethos is really similar to ours: we are run by sim racers, for sim racers; Fierce PC are run by PC gamers, for PC gamers - so frankly they were the perfect match for us! We tasked them with designing us the perfect PCs for sim racing, to ensure fluid gameplay at high refresh rates, compatibility with triple monitor setup and VR etc. Their expertise in delivering fantastic custom gaming PCs, at very competitive prices and an honest customer service approach are invaluable. Though we sell 3 pre-defined gaming PCs, we are able to customise these specifications in a variety of ways to get a bespoke PC for you. 


Sparco Gaming is the gaming division of legendary Motorsport Manfacturer Sparco. Sparco have massive experience and presence in all Motorsport including F1, and have used their skills to produce some truly fantastic Sim Racing Equipment. No other brand is able to match Sparco for its heritage and reputation for Outstanding Quality, and their Italian heritage shows in their exceptional and stylish product designs.


Buttkicker are a market-leading manufacturer of audio shaker devices, used in cinemas and other applications globally. We specialise in selling ButtKicker's sim racing focussed range (i.e. sim shakers) like the Gamer2 and Simulation Kit, which are fantastic devices that replicate the bumps & vibrations of being out on a real track. ButtKickers add a totally new level of immersion to your sim racing experience. Their strapline is absolutely correct: with ButtKicker, you will Feel what you've been missing


Motamec are a British company that manufacture rallying equipment, and have a fantastic range of bucket seats (both FIA and non-FIA approved) that are truly authentic and very well priced. Their GT and EVO ranges of seats are proving very popular indeed among keen sim racers who want an authentic bucket seat without breaking the bank!


Rseat is one of the leading sim racing manufacturers in the industry, specialising is premium quality rigs, made with care in the EU, so you can guarantee you are buying a high-quality product.


Racetech are a premium manufacturer of motorsport racing seats, used in top class motorsport championships worldwide, like the BTCC and various GT categories. Their seats are hand made in New Zealand and so are of the finest quality - if you want a premium bucket racing seat, the very same used by your real life racing idols, look no further than Racetech.

Benq produce some of the finest gaming monitors available, like the EX3203R, and their range of ZOWIE gaming monitors.


Keep checking our storefront frequently, as we are continually adding more and more brands...


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