R-Shifter Profile

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Our R-Shifter Profile is the perfect addition to your R-PRO Black Edition Sim Rig for any shifter/handbrake that can be mounted directly into T-slots.

If you require a pre-drilled shifter mounting plate, this is sold separately.

Please see the list below of verified compatible shifter/handbrakes.

Full list of compatible shifters/handbrakes

This R-Shifter Profile comprises a 30cm 80x40 T-slot profile that is compatible with a wide range of shifters and handbrakes that can be mounted directly into a 40-series aluminium profile T-slot nut.

Compatible Shifters include:

  • Simagic DS-8X
  • Simagic Q1
  • Simagic Q1-S
  • Moza HGP Shifter
  • Moza SGP Sequential Shifter
  • Heusinkvled MagShift
  • Heusinkveld Sequential Shifter
  • Aiologs Shifter
  • VNM Shifter

      Please note: If your shifter/handbrake can't be mounted directly into a T-slot nut, then you will require a pre-drilled shifter plate (sold separately).


      Feel free to contact us if you are unsure about the compatibility, we will be happy to advise you.

      R-Shifter Profile

      The perfect addition to your R-PRO, the Upshift R-Shifter Profile is an add-on profile that allows you to attach select shifters/handbrakes.

      The R-Shifter Profile includes a 300mm 80x40 profile anodised in black colour for mounting to your rig (on either the left or right hand side), along with corresponding corner brackets, T-nuts, bolts & washers.

      The R-Shifter Profile is a profile only, so is only compatible with shifters/handbrakes that can directly mount into a T-slot profile. 

      A pre-drilled shifter plate is not included.

      Can be mounted on either left or right side of sim rig.

      What's Included | R-Shifter Profile

      Everything you need to install the R-Shifter Profile is included in the box.

      • High grade 80x40mm aluminium profiles measuring 300mm in length, with black anodised finish
      • All fixings and connectors (T-nuts, black bolts, black washers, black corner brackets & black end cap)

      Pairs perfectly with the R-PRO Black Edition

      The R-Shifter Profile was designed to be used with the R-PRO Black Edition Sim Racing Cockpit.

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