ButtKicker Gamer PRO

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The Forte Formula Steering Wheel is Asetek's official F1-style steering wheel, making it the ideal steering with your Forte/Invicta wheelbase for F1/Single Seater fans.

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ButtKicker's Gamer PRO is their flagship device, featuring a greater moving mass than the Gamer PLUS which results in stronger vibrations and give you a greater sensation of feedback, all across its wide frequency range, so you can get deeper rumbles and really maximise the advantages of haptic feedback.

Furthermore, compared to its predecessor, the Gamer PRO benefits from all new & upgraded interconnects, cabling, clamping and mounting, and crucially the Gamer PRO's amplifier has had an overhaul and now has a digital volume display that automatically remembers your last setting as well as a wireless remote control for ease of use.

Better still, the all new HaptiConnect software (available on PC only) is easy-to-use interface that provides integration with many of your favourite simulation games and allows in depth configuration of various parameters such as intensity of engine rumble, gear shifts, tyres, to name but a few. This means you can easily make changes to the way your ButtKicker performs in the HaptiConnect software, so no need to worry about having to spend hours in complex software to refine the device to your liking.

In summary, the new ButtKicker Gamer PRO is highly recommended for anyone who wants to enhance their immersion.

ButtKicker® Gamer PRO® is the all new sim racing and gaming haptic hardware that reproduces immersive, accurate and powerful sim racing, flight sim and gaming effects making your lap times faster and your gaming experience better.

Experience realistic and accurate feedback from any game: engine dynamics in sim racing, incoming fire in your favourite battle royale, or the footsteps of an upcoming boss in an RPG. All from in game audio.

Unlike a subwoofer that moves air (and loses accuracy and force), ButtKicker haptic transducers move actual mass, producing a tactile immersion that's powerful and accurate.

Turn down or off your subwoofer and still feel all the feedback you want. It even works while using headphones or a gaming headset - no need to make the room loud to experience deep gaming immersion.

ButtKicker Gamer PRO haptic transducer attaches quickly and securely to most sim rigs and gaming chairs using its Universal Clamp attachment mechanism.

This complete Gamer PRO system includes:

  • One (1) ButtKicker Gamer PRO haptic transducer with Universal Clamp mounting mechanism
  • One (1) ButtKicker PRO Power Amplifier BKA-PRO
  • Universal Mounting Clamp fits most round and square posts/tubing from ~1" to 1.77" in diameter.
  • Everything else you need to attach the Gamer PRO to your setup*

*Mounting hardware not included, check with your sim rig maker if a ButtKicker mount is available.