Clutch Paddles for Forte Steering Wheels

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Compatible with both the Forte® Formula Steering Wheel and the Forte® Button Box, these clutch paddles are the perfect addition to the wheel, allowing you the functionality to use dual clutches for the perfect race start!

To be paired with either Asetek's 18Nm Forte Direct Drive wheelbase or 27Nm Invicta Direct Drive wheelbase.

Currently the Asetek Direct Drive wheelbases are only compatible with PC and so this product is also only compatible with PC.
Whilst Asetek are working on implementing console compatibility there is no confirmed timeline and so this unit is only for PC. If you want more information on the Asetek's Forte Formula Steering Wheel, their CEO André explains their range of wheelbases fantastically in this video:


Manufacturer description - Clutch Paddles:

Upgrade your Forte® Formula Steering Wheel with these analog dual Clutch Paddles. 

Inspired by real-life race cars our analog dual paddles are designed to give you that all important competitive edge. Experience dual clutch action for ultimate standing start and clutch-and-coast performance, helping you to cut those precious milliseconds! 

Made in a carbon, glass, and plastic composite material, you get a very high natural rigidity and strength providing top-of-the-line quality and durability. Both made to last and for comfort, they're also lightweight, ergonomic and low noise. 

With a quick and simple one-screw installation, the paddles also feature adjustable width, to fit all hand sizes and preferences. 

Featuring 3 modes of configuration in RaceHub™: 

Dual Clutch - Use both clutches to quickly launch your car from a standing start. Activate both clutches to enter dual clutch mode. Release one of the clutch paddles to reach the bite point. Slowly release the second clutch for a smooth launch. Featuring the ability to configure your desired bite point. 

Individual paddles - Giving you two individual axis to configure to your liking in your preferred Sim. 

Buttons -  Configure each paddle to act as extra input buttons. Configurable in your preferred Sim to the exact function you desire. 


32.5 x 40 x 75.5-85.5 mm 

10 mm adjustability