Cube Controls GT Pro Cube - Wireless

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The Cube Controls GT Pro Cube is a premium GT sim racing wheel, hugely popular in its category due to the competitive price point, functionality and exquisite aesthetics. The Cube Controls GT Pro Cube features full backlit buttons (which look fantastic!), 100% carbon front plate, magnetic shifter paddles for a decisive and satisfying gearshift. This wireless version has a 1500mAh LiPo rechargeable battery with a duration of up to 40 hours between charges, so it's suitable for long driving sessions without sacrificing comfort. Please note, no clutch paddles are included and furthermore they cannot be added. 

The Cube Controls GT Pro Cube Wireless wheel is available with either Black or Blue accent colouring. This wireless version is only compatible with Simucube wheelbases.

For sim racers that want a GT sim racing steering wheel that is feature-rich and with exquisite design, the Cube Controls GT Pro Cube is the choice for you.



Meet GT Pro, the perfect balance between performance and aesthetics for GT lovers. Featuring our best custom rims with improved ergonomics. 100% carbon front plate. Full backlit buttons. Magnetic paddles. CNC aluminium knobs and joystick. No clutches. Wireless version available (compatible with Simucube only).

cube controls gt pro cube square

Reliable and highly customizable

Balanced and versatile steering wheel, GT Pro is available in different versions based on the rim selected: GT Pro Cube, with seamless D-shaped rim and GT Pro Zero, with proprietary design and improved ergonomics, are full-branded Cube Controls models. All have a wireless version with a 1500mAh LiPo rechargeable battery, with a duration of up to 40 hours, suitable for long driving sessions without sacrificing comfort.

Cube Controls GT Pro WIRELESS USB
Custom designed and bespoke made ergonomic steering wheel rim, high quality suede leather wrapping √ with GT Pro Zero √ with GT Pro Zero
Cube Controls custom steering rim with seamless finishes √ with GT Pro Cube √ with GT Pro Cube
Sparco, P310, suede steering wheel √ with GT Pro Sparco √ with GT Pro Sparco
Grip-to-Grip wheel diameter 30 cm (Sparco 31cm) 30 cm (Sparco 31cm)
Grip max diameter 42 mm 42 mm
Backlit buttons X
Momentary buttons 6 5
Short throw backlit switches
45° back USB Connector
On/off toggle switches with status led 2 2
Front rotary encoders 2 2
Thumb rotary encoders 2 2
Multi-directional joystick with integrated encoder X
Zero play short-throw custom-designed magnetic switchless shifter paddles
1500mAh LiPo battery, up to 40 hours of use X
Integrated charging electronics, just charge it whenever you need with the dedicated USB cable, even while driving X
Connection and battery status LEDs (blue when charged, purple while charging, red when out of power) X
On/off pushbutton on the backside of the wheel X
Proprietary custom made tactile button assembly
Carbon fiber main plate
CNC machined billet aluminum main body
Wheel hub compatible with all formula-style quick release hubs (3 bolts, 1-inch and 70mm PCD)
Weight GT Pro Zero 1250 gr 1250 gr
Weight GT Pro Sparco 1360 gr 1360 gr
Weight GT Pro Cube 1520 gr 1520 gr
VR friendly