Cube Controls SP01 Sim Racing Pedals

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Throttle Plate

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The Cube Controls SP01 sim racing pedals are available in 2 different versions: GT and Formula. The difference between the 2 versions is the size & shape of throttle plate only: the GT version has a smaller throttle plate whereas the Formula version has a larger, carbon-fibre throttle plate.

The SP01 Extra Kit contains additional elastomers & springs as well as 2 tuned expansion cups to enable further customisation and refinement of the feel of your SP01 pedals. The pedals themselves offer plenty of adjustment, including angle adjustment, adjusting the hydraulic dampening on the brake pedal, throttle travel and pedal plate position adjustment. Everything is controlled via the Cube Controls PedalUI app. For more information, please see the SP01 manual:


Manufacturer description:

Upgrade your simulator with the SP01 Pedals. This new entry in the Cube Control ecosystem is made to expand your possibilities and provide you with top performances. CNC machined aluminium main body, 100% carbon fibre throttle plate.


The SP01 Pedals ensure superior precision. The throttle plate, smooth and robust, perfectly pairs with the grip of our G+ Socks. The brake with its 200kg load cell ensures rock-solid feedback with several springs and rubber dampers compression elements available to combine for the perfect setting. Our proprietary software will make the rest, ensuring options for the smoothest calibration and allowing you to convert your setup to a 3-pedals module adding the upcoming clutch pedal.


  • Precision press-fit ball bearings on ALL pivot points
  • CNC machined 6061 and 7075 aluminium main structure
  • Optimized FEM design for a cutting edge flex-free structure
  • Custom brackets with adjustable main pedal body angle in 5° increments


  • Adjustable pedal throw by a dedicated knob on the main shaft
  • Easy to reach spring preload adjustment
  • Precision machined main shaft with high wear resistance plating
  • Tolerance machined self-lubricating nylon sleeve for the smoothest operation
  • 16 bit resolution hall sensor
  • USB-C connector for the main control electronics
  • Carbon fibre pedal pad faceplate (only in Formula version)


  • Custom lightweight die-cast pad faceplate with textured grip
  • Fine-tuning spring preload option on the main pedal, and preload ring on the compression elements
  • Precision machined main shaft with high wear resistance plating
  • Custom designed fully hydraulic damper with 8 preload settings
  • Several springs and rubber dampers compression elements available
  • Self-centering springs and dampers washers
  • 200kg precision load cell
  • 16-bit resolution