Sparco Gaming EVOLVE Carbon Sim Racing Cockpit

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Sparco Evolve GP Sim Racing Cockpit Rig
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This is the Sparco Evolve Carbon, and we think it is one of the best looking Sim Rigs on the market! It comprises the lovely Evolve chassis combined with a truly stunning Carbon Fibre Monocoque Authentic Bucket Racing Seat - there are so many other brands that try to imitate racing seats in their designs, but Sparco Gaming use the designs of their actual racing seats, incorporating specialist materials like carbon fibre into the design. No other brand is able to do this, because they do not have anything like the motorsport heritage as Sparco. The design and craftsmanship are sublime, and the seat is comfortable and well cushioned, so it's comfortable even during long gaming sessions. When you sit in the chair the sides feel like they wrap around you, gripping you tight and really adding to the sense of immersion.

This is a unique product unlike anything else, with true Italian flair and style. The Evolve chassis is very adjustable, so it is easy to find your perfect racing setup, but also made to be strong, designed so that it doesn't flex during use. As well as this, it is flexible and compact so it doesn't take up too much space, and folds into an even more compact state for storage! This is a truly fantastic Sim Racing Cockpit, with exquisite design, a stunning carbon fibre authentic bucket seat and a strong & flexible chassis. Being the first generation there are some teething problems, with some design flaws and a lack of official accessories, but it is undoubtedly a highly adjustable, flexible and elegant cockpit.

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Manufacturer video

Evolve is a car racing simulator. Research conducted via Humanetics® has enabled the development of a product that gives virtual drivers a highly immersive driving experience.

The seat completing the car racing simulator is a carbon fibre monocoque providing high torsional rigidity with a very low weight. The seat dimensions have been calibrated to accommodate drivers of different sizes, also thanks to the possibility of moving and removing the padding.

Evolve has a chassis with many adjustments available to the Sim Racer: adjustable sliding guides, inclination and sliding of the steering wheel and pedal plates, seat inclination and raising and lowering to the optimal position.

Evolve is supplied with front wheels to move the structure with a simple inclination and has two high-strength steel hinges allowing the entire driving seat to be folded away in the event it is frequently moved.

The black satin effect of the paint and the polished carbon seat give the Evolve Carbon a distinct racing connotation.

Compatible wheels: Thrustmaster: T300, T500RS, TX, TS-PC Racer;  Logitech: G25, G27, G29, Driving Force PRO, Driving Force GT;  Fanatec: Clubsport Wheelbase V2, CSL Elite Wheel Base

Compatible pedal sets: Thrustmaster: T3PA, T3PA PRO;  Logitech: G25, G27, G29, Driving Force PRO, Driving Force GT;  Fanatec: Clubsport V3 + inverted, CSL Elite Pedals + LC.