Sparco EVO L QRT GAMING Sim Racing Seat

Price Includes 20% VAT

The Sparco EVO L QRT GAMING is a fantastic Sim Racing Seat, designed for medium-sized gamers. The EVO L being the middle of the range Sparco Evo seat (larger than the EVO but smaller than the EVO XL), this is the most popular variant, as it fits most people being neither too small nor too large, so just right! For specifics on the sizing of the EVO L, please see the BLACK dimensions in the sizing diagram below:

For any questions about seat sizing, please Contact Us.

From the SPARCO racing seats experience , introducing the EVO QRT GAMING , the seat for exclusive SIM RACING use in lightweight fiberglass and QRT technology. Available in 3 sizes (EVO, EVO L and EVO XL), it has a non-slip fabric to hold the shoulders; seat and cushion are divided into 2 parts.

WARNING: the seat is not FIA approved and cannot be mounted on cars. It can be installed exclusively on cockpits / DRIVE SIMULATORS