Trak Racer Recline Seat - Black

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The Trak Racer Recline Seat is a brilliant seat for all sim racers who want a sporty racing seat that is comfortable and without the high bolsters of a traditional bucket seat. For some people, the big bolsters of a bucket seat are fantastic; for others, these big bolsters are restrictive and uncomfortable. The Trak Racer Recline Seat is an ideal option for the latter group, that want a seat that is comfortable and spacious. The Trak Racer Recline Seat was designed with comfort in mind to be, first and foremost, a gaming seat. A racing seat needs to be strong and protect the driver within; a gaming seat doesn't need to do this - instead, a gaming seat should be comfortable and ergonomic for longer gaming sessions. This is exactly what the Trak Racer Recline Seat achieves. The Trak Racer Recline Seat is fully compatible with the Trak Racer Seat Slider, so as well as easy recline adjustment, you can also easily slide the seat back and forth easily with the slider, so it really is an ideal solution for individuals who require lots of adjustment.

Please note:  to mount the Trak Racer Recline Seat to any Trak Racer Sim Rig (TR80/TR120/TR160), you will require the Trak Racer Recline Seat Brackets - these are included when you purchase a Trak Racer rig and seat, otherwise are sold separately. To order these brackets, choose the option 'Yes' when selecting 'With Recline Seat Brackets' on this product page.

The Trak Racer Recline Seat is suitable for a variety of individuals - those who are are heavier and/or with wider chest and waist, people with reduced mobility who need a seat that is easy to get in and out of, and people who simply prefer a casual sport seat as opposed to a full on bucket seat. Furthermore, in order to adjust the recline of the seat, you simply pull on the lever to adjust your recline as you would in a car. With traditional bucket seats, to adjust your recline you need to redo all the bolts and manually adjust the seat's position in the seat brackets, a much longer process. Many people don't need to adjust their recline often therefore this isn't so much of an issue, but if you envisage frequently needing to adjust recline on your seat, the merits of the Trak Racer Recline Seat are strong..

Both Upshift and Trak Racer realise that sim racers come in many shapes and sizes and so to try and cater for everyone, Trak Racer have introduced this new seat, and we really think it's a fantastic addition. The Trak Racer Recline Seat is perfect for many people, whether that be people for whom a typical bucket seat is too small for them, or for whom their mobility is reduced so prefer a seat that is more easily accessible (accessible as in sitting in it and getting out of it). Indeed, also for those that simply want a sporty and good-looking seat but don't want the big bolsters, or want a seat with easy recline adjustment - this is a perfect seat for you. For anyone who wants to seat on the rig that feels like it's straight out of a hot hatch, look no further than the Trak Racer Recline Seat. 


Manufacturer description:

The Trak Racer SA-08 is a light-weight and stylish reclining sport seat and is suitable for most racing simulators that demand a comfortable, long-lasting and great looking seat. Trak Racer's SA-08 is wrapped in thick, high-quality and durable leather-style fabric and has a race-inspired shape. Dress your racing simulator up with a seat that looks and feels fantastic! The SA-08 features a strong, lightweight tubular frame and injection moulded foam for the ultimate combination of comfort, performance, and durability. High density foam provides excellent support.

Seat Features:
Strong, lightweight steel tubular frame, injection moulded foam, convenient Handle-driven reclining mechanism with bottom mount style (optional Trak Racer TR-RSB2 or TR-RSB3 seat bracket needed). Fits up to 45” waist.
2 Years Warranty.

Recliner Seat WITH Seat Brackets Option

All the above PLUS

Adjustable seat brackets for recliner seat with mount underneath.

The patented seat brackets with recline adjustment for under-mounted seats are an industry first and made to the same high quality as all Trak Racer products.
Compatible with all current and past Trak Racer rigs and universal for other rigs. The adjustable mounting points will enable you to mount a large variety of different GT-style seats with under-seat mounting holes.

Seat Bracket Features:
Fits most seats including some office chairs
Steel construction black finish.
Mounts to the bottom of recline seats and office chairs with mounting points between 138mm and 350mm. Mounts to the top of seat sliders and sim rig frames with mounting points between 131mm and 291mm
**Patent Pending.

PRODUCT FITMENT: Trak Racer does not guarantee the size fitment for any seats, harnesses and/or universal products due to varied racing simulator configurations. Please use the product dimensions provided to compare with your body shape and existing setup to determine fitment. Trak Racer will not be held liable for incorrect assessments regarding fitment.

Important - Suitable for race simulators and not for road use.
Optional Extras: Trak Racer Seat Sliders, Trak Racer Seat Belt Harness and Trak Racer Seat Brackets.