Trak Racer TR160 Mk4

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Wheel Mount
Seat (+£359)
Pedal Mounting Kit

The Trak Racer TR160 Mk4 is the latest generation of Trak Racer's flagship aluminium profile rig, offering extreme strength &  rigidity as well as high levels of adjustability, giving you a zero flex sim racing rig. The TR160's modular construction makes it a great future-proof purchase which adapts to your setup as it changes. The TR160 comes with a choice of five different wheel mounts and three different pedal mounts; this level of customisation ensures that there is an optimal variant of the TR160 for whatever your wheel and pedals combination.

Included in the box with your Trak Racer TR160 are accessories a seat slider, a shifter mount with oversized profiles for rigidity, a pack of 10 cable clips, cover strips and small rubber feet as well as with the core components like wheel mount, pedal mount etc.
If you purchase a Trak Racer Seat then a set of seat brackets (either side mount or base mount brackets) are included to fit the corresponding Trak Racer seat.
If you order the TR160 without a seat, you do not receive any seat brackets; they can however be purchased separately should you want them. 

If you have a powerful Direct Drive wheel and need a solid rig to attach it to, or want to purchase one rig that will be future proof and last you for years to come, the Trak Racer TR160 is for you.

The TR160 is perfect for sim racers with Direct Drive wheels - because it is so strong, it is capable of handling powerful Direct Drive wheels with no flex. The potential to customise your TR160 is nearly endless, with a massive (and continually expanding) range of accessories available, such as monitor stands, keyboard and mouse trays, cup holders, floor mats, speaker mounts, ButtKicker mounts and lots lots more!

Another key aspect of the TR160 is its modularity and adjustability, thanks to its aluminium profile construction. This essentially means the rig is very easy to adapt when you change your setup - if you change wheel, expand to triple monitors, buy a new shifter or ButtKicker or motion platform, you simply swap out an existing parts for a different part. Beforehand, big changes to a setup would often mean you would need to change your whole rig (which is obviously expensive and time consuming). With the TR160, changing specific element as and when you need to is a lot cheaper, so it makes TR160 is a real investment and one that will be future proof too as it adapts to your changing setup.

Trak Racer also offer bundles with the TR160 and either of their 5 seats: their bucket seats being the GT Seat or their Rally Seat, or one of their range of three sports seats that is their Recline Seats. There are however many more seats to choose from besides these, such as Sparco, Motamec and NRG etc which can be mounted via side or base mounting brackets (sold separately).

We recommend you contact us for advice on picking the best seat for you - a seat is like a helmet, in that it is crucial to pick the right seat for you to ensure you are comfortable in it for long sessions and that it allows you to get the perfect driving position, so you can focus fully on racing. We're always happy to advise which of our varied range of seats will be best for you; no matter what height or weight you are, there's a seat for you, just contact us and we'll be happy to advise. 


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Option 1 & 2 Pedal Mount

The TR160 has been improved to withstand hundreds of kilograms in braking force without flex. Select between a pre-drilled mounting plate or extruded aluminium profile with heel plate; suitable for more new pedal sets on the market. The pre-drilled pedal plate also features a fine-tune slide function - so you can get those pedals exactly where you need them!

Option 3 Pedal Mount

Strengthened Hybrid Pedal Plate

If you want the option to quickly adjust the pedals between GT (low), Formula (high) or inverted (upside down), this is the pedal mounting choice for you! Made to the high standard that you would expect from Trak Racer, and pre-drilled for all the major brands of pedals.

TR ONE Wheel Mount – New Benchmark in Sim Racing

The TR ONE Wheel System is a Future Proof Wheel Mounting System that allows you to upgrade by replacing only a part of the mount depending on what wheel base you mount. Fully Adjustable and ready for anything you want to add to it.

Rigid & Adjustable Wheel Plate

Select the Trak Racer Wheel Plate to suit most belt-drive and direct drive wheels on the market. It’s full adjustable and won’t cause any flexing issues; no matter how much torque you want to punish it with!

TR ONE Expandable Shifter Mount

The TR Gen 2 shifter mount has been strengthened by completely over-hauling the design and increasing the thickness of the mount – it also has a fine-tune slide adjustment!

TR has even created new mounts for other peripherals including handbrake and flight sim mounts that will add directly onto the side of the plate, or of course to any 8mm aluminum profile.


Dual-lock Seat Slider Kit INCLUDED

The TR Premium seat slider runner kit will give you quick adjustments of the seat position and lock you in with the least amount of play.

Full Gaming Immersion OPTIONAL!

Trak Racer offers options for free standing, and integrated display stands for One, Two, Three and Four monitors. Get that immersive experience with the highest quality monitor stands available that have an enormous adjustment range and will stand the test of time.


The TR160, the King of the Rigs, has been designed with experience gained since Trak Racer started in 2008. The base structure is 160 × 40mm high-end aluminium T-Slot extruded profile, anodised in black. Your choice of wheel mount will be supported by 160 × 40mm high-end aluminium T-Slot extruded profile wheel uprights, also anodized in black and supported with Trak Racer-Signature Corner Brackets - mounted to the side for additional support.

Heavy-duty anodised black 90-degree brackets connect the frame and laser cut carbon steel plates allow you to attach your peripherals. The TR160 supports the strongest Direct Drive Force Feedback systems on the market and of course, is also Belt Drive Wheel Ready.

The TR160 is pre-drilled and for all popular steering wheels, pedals and shifters on the market and comes with your choice of 4 Stiffened Wheel Mounts for No-Flex Racing as well as options for pedal deck, shifter mount and more.

The Trak Racer accessory range is also constantly evolving to offer over 30 add-on options including speaker mounts, monitor stands, bass shaker mounts, keyboard mounts and more. Designed and Engineered in Australia.

Key Benefits of TR160 Mk4:
  • Rigid 160mm x 40mm thicker-walled Aluminium Extrusion Profile - Anodised Black
  • Side-Mounted Wheel Uprights with 160 x 40mm Heavy Duty Brackets
  • Shifter Mount and Over-sized Support Profile
  • Over 30 optional accessories
  • Compatible with TR One Wheel and Shifter Mounting Systems
  • Includes Seat Slider, Coloured Dust Strips and Heavier Duty Brackets and Fixings
Frame/Chassis Features
  • Constructed from high quality extruded aluminium
  • 580mm wide and 1,400mm long
  • Low ground clearance with hardwood rubber floor protectors
  • Finished in black anodised high-quality aluminium
  • Adjustable Pedal Mount Features - Select your preferred mounting plate
  • Unique Bracket Design allows you to position the pedal low or in a high position and also slide for fine-tuning
  • Thick, no-flex Carbon Steel Construction OR Aluminium Profile with included Heel Rest
  • Pre-drilled mounting points for all major brand pedals OR mount your pedals directly to the profile
About the TR One Wheel Mounting System

The TR One Wheel System will allow you to only purchase the parts you need, as you change wheel bases.

The base kit consists of 2 High-Quality 80x40mm Aluminium Profiles and 4 Red (or black) Anodised Aluminium Plates. Optional wheel mounts include a wheel deck and direct-drive front mounting plate. The plates themselves are extremely rigid and have a lot of adjustment for angle and forward/backwards fine-tuning - to get a perfect position!

Adjustable Pedal Mount Features - Select your preferred mounting plate

Unique Bracket Design allows you to position the pedal low or in a high position and also slide for fine-tuning Thick, no-flex Carbon Steel Construction, Aluminium Profile with included Heel Rest OR Hybrid GT-Formula-Inverted Pedal System Pre-drilled mounting points for all major brand pedals OR mount your pedals directly to the profile

What's Included
  • Wheel Mount – Select from a TR ONE or Standard Wheel Plate
  • Pedal Mount – Select from Pre-Drilled Plate, Extrusion with Heel Plate or Hybrid Pedal System
  • Universal Gen 2 Shifter Mount and Over-sized Shifter Support
  • BONUS Rubber Feet to protect floors
  • Set of 10 Cable Ties
  • Red Coloured Strips
  • All Mounting Screws, Brackets and Fixtures included
  • Assembly Tool Kit Included
  • Premium Seat Slider Rails
  • Includes all aluminium profiles and mounting gear
  • The main Chassis is an 8-Slot 160 x 40mm profile
  • Steering wheel uprights are 8-Slot 160 x 40mm profiles
Official Racing Simulator of Alpine F1 Team and Official Flight Simulator of Airbus Aircraft.

Trak Racer TR160 Mk4 Dimensions: