Trak Racer TR80

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The Trak Racer TR80 Mk5 is an entry-level aluminium profile sim rig 80x40mm, finished in stylish matt black. This fifth-generation (Mk5) is the latest version of Trak Racer's TR80 sim rig and features iterative improvements over its predecessors. The TR80 is constructed from aluminium profiles therefore the rig is very rigid and adjustable, inherently so by design. Aluminium profile sim rigs offer vast levels of adjustability and versatility, so are a perfect investment for anyone who wants a rig that will last for years to come and can evolve to accommodate their setup as you upgrade your wheel, pedals etc in the future. Included in the box with every TR80 is a seat slider, a shifter mount, 10 cable clips, some red cover strips and small rubber feet. When you buy any Trak Racer Seat (GT/Rally/Recline Seat) with your TR80 then you also get some Trak Racer Seat Brackets included free of charge. If you buy the TR80 without a seat then you do not receive any seat brackets.

Owing to its aluminium profile construction, the TR80 is very rigid and strong. As well this, the T-slot extrusion also allows high levels of adjustability, and the modular nature of the TR80 makes it a prudent investment for years to come. It's a best seller because it does everything you want and all in a well priced package. The TR80 is a good choice for sim racers with all Thrustmaster and Logitech wheels driven and entry-level direct drive wheels like the Fanatec CSL DD and Simagic Alpha Mini; for more serious sim racers using high powered direct drive wheels and hydraulic pedals, we recommend one of the TR80's  bigger brothers - the Trak Racer TR120 or the Trak Racer TR160, as these heavy-duty rigs are stronger in key areas. 

The potential to customise your Trak Racer TR80 is nearly endless with a wide range range of accessories available from Trak Racer including monitor stands (integrated and freestanding), keyboards trays, mouse shelves, handbrake mounts, floor mats, ButtKicker mounts and more!

As mentioned above, a key advantage of the TR80 is its modularity and adjustability thanks to its 8040 T-slot aluminium profile construction. Essentially, this means the rig is very easy to adapt when you change your setup - if you change wheel, expand to triple monitors, buy a new shifter or ButtKicker or motion platform, you either add them onto the rig on swap out existing parts for a different part. This is a cost-effective method and makes the TR80 a sound investment and one that will be future proof too as it adapts to your changing setup.

Trak Racer have a range of sim racing seats designed to suit users of varying heights, weights and preferences. 


Many people choose an accompanying Trak Racer Seat, however many more seats to choose from besides these which will fit directly onto the TR80 with either Trak Racer's Universal Seat Brackets or their Recline Seat brackets.

We recommend you contact us for advice on picking the best seat for you: a seat is like a helmet, in that it is crucial to pick the right model for you to ensure you are comfortable in it for long sessions and that it allows you to get the perfect driving position, so you can fully focus on racing. An uncomfortable seat, like an uncomfortable helmet, will distract you and you will ultimately lose speed because of this. We're always happy to advise which of our varied range of seats will be best for you; no matter what height or weight you are there's a seat for you, just contact us and we'll be happy to advise.

We think the Trak Racer TR80 is a good sim rig for all sim racers, new and experienced alike.


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