Trak Racer TR120 Racing Simulator

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Wheel Mount:
Pedal Mounting Kit:

The Trak Racer TR120 is a good 120x40mm aluminium profile sim rig which includes a variety of accessories you need to get racing included in the box, more details below. The TR120 is constructed from rigid aluminium profiles so it's strong with zero flex. The TR120 is a middle ground between the entry-level TR80 and the flagship TR160 so it's a great choice for those who want more strength than the TR80 but don't have the budget for the range-topping TR160. The TR120 features a unique 'wide body' design whereby the rear of the rig is wider than the front; it's a nice aesthetic touch from Trak Racer to set the rig apart from the competition.

There are a number of variants that you can choose for your TR120, featuring a choice of five wheel mounts, three pedal plate options, three shifter mount options and a range of five Trak Racer seats - more information on these options can be found further down the page. 

Included in the box with every TR120 is a seat slider, 10 cable clips, some red cover strips and small rubber fee. A shifter mount is not included with the TR120 by default, but can be purchased separately if you wanted one. Seat brackets are also not included unless you buy any Trak Racer Seat (GT/Rally/Recline Seat) with the rig, in which case the corresponding seat brackets are provided.
If you buy the TR120 without a seat then you do not receive any seat brackets.

The Trak Racer TR120 is constructed from 120x40mm T-slot aluminium profiles finished in matt black, so the TR120 offers serious strength & rigidity; it is therefore ideally suited for users with all direct drive wheels, ranging from entry-level versions Fanatec CSL DD all the way to the Simucube 2 and Fanatec Podium DD1/DD2 ranges. Furthermore, the range of bespoke TR ONE wheel mounts ensure you will have a mounting option available for your wheelbase.

Aluminium profile rigs like the TR120 by design offer high levels of adjustability and near endless customisation through a large range of accessories. The TR120's modular construction makes it a prudent investment for years to come and its universal construction allows for great compatibility with accessories from Trak Racer and third party. For sim racers who want the strongest Trak Racer rig then we recommend the TR120's 'bigger brother' - the Trak Racer TR160.

The potential to customise your TR120 is nearly endless, with a wide  (and continually expanding) range of accessories available such as monitor stands, button boxes, keyboards trays, mouse pads, ButtKicker mounts and lots more!

Another key aspect of the TR120 is its modularity and adjustability, thanks to its 12040 T-slot aluminium profile construction. This essentially means the rig is very easy to adapt when you change your setup - if you change wheel, expand to triple monitors, buy a new shifter or ButtKicker or motion actuators, you simply swap out an existing parts for a different part. This means the TR120 will be a future proof sim rig that can be adapted to your setup as it progresses with time and so it's a prudent investment for any sim racing setup.

The Trak Racer TR120 has proven to be very popular sim rig among customers; thicker profiles than the TR80 with the widebody aesthetic and upgraded pedal plate make it a very appealing and cost-effective upgrade.



The TR120 has been designed with experience gained since Trak Racer started in 2008. The base structure is 120 × 40mm high-end aluminium T-Slot extruded profile, anodized in black. Your choice of wheel mount will be supported by 120 × 40mm high-end aluminium T-Slot extruded profile wheel uprights, also anodized in black and supported with Trak Racer-Signature Corner Brackets - mounted to the side for additional support.

Heavy-duty anodized black 90-degree brackets connect the frame and laser cut carbon steel plates allow you to attach your peripherals. The TR120 supports the strongest Direct Drive Force Feedback systems on the market and of course, is also Belt Drive Wheel Ready.

The TR120 is pre-drilled and for all popular steering wheels, pedals and shifters on the market and comes with your choice of 4 Stiffened Wheel Mounts for No-Flex Racing as well as options for pedal deck, shifter mount and more.

The Trak Racer accessory range is also constantly evolving to offer over 30 add-on options including speaker mounts, monitor stands, bass shaker mounts, keyboard mounts and more. Designed and Engineered in Australia.

Key Benefits of TR120:

Rigid 120mm x 40mm thicker-walled Aluminium Extrusion Profile - Anodized Black
Side-Mounted Wheel Uprights with 120 x 40mm Heavy Duty Brackets
Unique wide-end Chassis for greater support and aesthetics
Over 30 optional accessories
Compatible with TR One Wheel and Shifter Mounting Systems

What's Included
  • Wheel Mount - TR One Wheel Mount for Fanatec Direct Drive Wheels (Podium, CSL and Pro)
  • Pedal Support Plates - Pedal Mount must be selected (select from the Pre-Drilled Pedal Plate OR Aluminium Profile Pedal Mount with Heel Plate OR )
  • Seat Slider
  • BONUS Rubber Feet to protect floors
  • Set of 10 Cable Ties
  • Red Coloured Strips
  • 12mm x 40mm Black Anodized Aluminium Chassis
  • 120mm x 40mm Black Anodized Aluminium Wheel Supports
  • All Mounting Screws, Brackets and Fixtures included
  • Assembly Tool Kit Included

INTRODUCING the TR ONE Wheel Mounting System

The TR One Wheel System will allow you to purchase updated wheel mounts that fit the base (and most expensive) part of the kit.

The base kit (Part Number: TR80-NWMA) consists of 2 High-Quality 80x40mm Aluminium Profiles and 4 Red Anodised Aluminium Plates. Optional wheel mounts include a wheel deck and direct-drive front mounting plate. The plates themselves are extremely rigid and have a lot of adjustment for angle and forward/backward fine-tuning - to get a perfect position!