R-Single Monitor Stand - up to 49" displays

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Our R-Monitor Stand is the perfect addition to your R-PRO Black Edition Sim Rig if you want a freestanding floor monitor stand to attach your TV/monitor.

The R-Monitor Stand is compatible with all TV/monitors with VESA 75 and VESA 100, and is recommended for displays up to 49" size.

Full list of compatible VESA sizes

The R-Monitor Stand is compatible with VESA 100x100mm and VESA 75x75mm as standard.

This covers the majority of gaming monitors on the market, for example VESA 100x100mm is the standard VESA pattern for many monitors on the market including Samsung Ultrawide 49" Gaming Monitors, so likely this will be sufficient for most racers.

We recommend installing a regular flat/curved TV or monitor that is no larger than 43" to this monitor stand.

For ultrawide monitors like the Samsung G9, you can install any monitors up to 49" wide.


Feel free to contact us if you are unsure about the compatibility of your monitor, we will be happy to advise you.

The R-Monitor Stand is a freestanding floor monitor stand to attach your TV/monitor to, the perfect addition to your R-PRO Sim Rig.

The R-Monitor stand is a monitor stand constructed from 8040 T-slot aluminium profiles. Aluminium profiles were selected because of their exceptional strength and rigidity, alongside their high adjustability; these characteristics make them ideally suited for use in monitor stands and sim rigs. Consequently, the R-Monitor Stand is very adjustable - you can fine tune and adjust the height of the monitor, as well as the horizontal position of the monitor so you can fine tune the position of the monitor too. Furthermore, you can adjust the width of the monitor stand.

The R-Single Monitor Stand is a freestanding floor monitor stand, meaning you can position it anywhere in your room. This makes it perfect for people who want to make very fine adjustments to the positioning of their TV/monitor, and also is useful for people who would want to move their TV/monitor around the room, if entertaining for example.

The R-Monitor Stand comes with a steel bracket for attaching your monitor, drilled for VESA 75x75mm and VESA 100x100mm. This means it is compatible with the majority of gaming monitors in the market, including Samsung G9 Ultrawide 49" gaming monitors and many 32 inch gaming monitors.

Dimensions | R-Monitor Stand

Height: 124 cm
Width: 100 cm
Length of feet: 60 cm

Please see the sizing diagram of the R-Monitor Stand.

The Monitor Stand is 1.24m in height, by 1m in width. The separation between the legs is approximately 80cm, however due to the highly adjustable nature of this product, you can increase/decrease this dependent on your preference.

The profiles that serve as the feet for the Monitor Stand feet are 60cm in length.

We also offer a Try Before you Buy service, so you're welcome to visit us to see an R-Monitor Stand in the flesh!

What's Included | R-Monitor Stand

Everything you need to assemble the R-Monitor Stand is included in the box.
The R-Monitor Stand ships as a kit ready for self-assembly, complete with a detailed instruction set. Detailed contents list below:

  • High grade 80x40mm aluminium profiles with black anodised finish
  • Single piece solid VESA plate plate, drilled for VESA 75x75mm and VESA 100x100mm holes
  • All fixings and connectors (T-nuts, black bolts, black washers, black corner brackets, black end caps)
  • Step-by-step assembly manual to help make the assembly of your R-Monitor Stand as easy as possible

We also give our valued customers the option of requesting a physical printout of the assembly manual, which we will place in the box for you when sending it, all free of charge. We realise that some people prefer to have physical copies of the instructions in front of them, so we will gladly provide you a bound copy of the user manual free of charge with your order.

Alternatively, the user manual is of course available online as a PDF.

Pairs perfectly with the R-PRO Black Edition

If you want a sim rig and monitor stand combination, then our R-PRO Black Edition Sim Racing Cockpit and the R-Single Monitor Stand is the winning combination.

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