We are offering our Assembly & Installation service to our customers who purchase any of our Complete Sim Packages. This service is a chargeable extra, and for this we shall travel to your home/business premises and complete the assembly of the rig and attachment of all equipment to the sim rig as well as provide a handover training/familiarisation session with you and your new simulator.

Where monitor(s) and a monitor mount/stand are ordered, the monitor mount/stand shall be assembled and the monitor(s) will be attached to the stand. The equipment shall be setup to your preferences.

Included in all our Assembly & Installation services we will provide handover training for you, walking you through all the features of your new simulator so you can ensure you are maximising the value & enjoyment from your new simulator, including:

  • setup and installation of appropriate software on your PC;
  • how to start and use the racing games;
  • setup your wheel and configuring the settings to your preferences;
  • setup your steering wheel and configuring the settings to your preferences;
  • setup your pedals and configuring the settings to your preferences;
  • (if applicable) setup any peripheral hardware like shifters & handbrakes and configuring the settings to your preferences;
  • how to turn all equipment on/off;


Pricing table

The Assembly & Installation service costs from £1000 for mainland UK addresses, these prices are inclusive of staffing cost and our travel and operating expenses, so it is an all inclusive cost and further details found below. This service is priced competitively because we acknowledge you'll already be spending several thousand pounds on your simulator and so we have subsidised the assembly and installation service consequently. International service available on request. Further important details can be found below so please do read the terms of service section below the table if you are considering this service.

Simulator Package Assembly & Installation Service price
Complete Sim Package - Club Racer £1000
Complete Sim Package - Professional £1200
Complete Sim Package - Professional with 3DOF Motion £2000
Complete Sim Package - Professional with 4DOF Motion £5000
Complete Sim Package - Professional with 6DOF Motion £7500
Bespoke Simulator  Price on Request



Terms of Service for Assembly & Installation Service

Location: we will travel to any customers based in mainland UK for the fee advertised in the above table. Non-mainland locations, such as Northern Ireland, Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Wight, Isle of Man, Shetlands and other non-mainland locations will incur a travel surcharge. Your premises must be accessible by road.

both private/home customers and commercial/business customers are eligible for the above pricing.

Included services:
we will complete the assembly of the simulator in your premises (your home/office/place of work) in your desired location within the premises. We will finish the simulator by performing basic cable management utilising cable ties to obtain a clean aesthetic. We will professionally setup all hardware and systems, and then will provide you bespoke handover training on how to operate & get the best from your simulator on one simulation game.

Important information: 
Standard price for on-site installation includes Installation to ground floor location and have minimum doorway access of 850mm width.

Time allocation:
the Assembly and Installation service shall be completed in 1 day. Motion Simulators will require an additional 1-2 working days.

Handover training: Handover training will take place on the specified installation date. Once the once installation is complete, yourself (or a nominated individual) should make yourself available to receive training. Training will be provided on one single simulation game, we can assist remotely if you have queries regarding setup on other simulation games.

Delays: if delays are caused for any of the numbered reasons below which means we must extend our stay in order to complete working the following calendar day, then each additional calendar day shall be charged at £500 per day:

  1. If the simulator needs to be installed on a first floor or higher, or in a basement/cellar, then we will need additional staff to safely transport the simulator down/up the stair - unless, on the day of installation, you are able provide 2 additional able bodied individuals to assist our team in transporting the simulator down/upstairs, in which case no additional fee would apply.
  2. If the simulator cannot fit through a doorway or passage/stairway: we may need to partially or fully dismantle the simulator in order to fit through the doorway/s or passage/stairway and re-assembly at the final location.
  3. If no-one is not available to receive handover training on the Assembly & Installation day, and you wish to still receive training at another time, please inform a staff member and we can discuss alternative arrangements. Should you be able to receive training on the following day please notify us so we may ascertain whether we shall extend our stay or if we must return on a separate date.

You are required to notify us at the point of purchase of any of these conditions in order for us to successfully complete the on-site installation.

Details: we shall unpack the simulator and all components from their constituent packages and shall remove any packaging materials. We shall install the simulator in your preferred location with your premises and position & install any corresponding equipment (e.g. motion actuators).
We shall move the monitor/display stand (if applicable) into place and, if a triple display variant is selected, attach and open the monitor stand display arms, positioning your simulator into correct position into relation to the display stand, before mounting the display(s) onto the stand and adjusting to align correctly. Cable management for power cords and HDMI/DP cables shall be carried out.
We will then place the gaming PC into position as well connect any audio (headphones/soundbar/speaker system) and connect and attach the ButtKicker tactile shaker and amplifier. We shall connect the display(s) to the gaming PC, power for the display(s) and any of the above hardware. We will implement some cable management, to neatly channel the cables to ensure a clean install and fine tune the position of all elements of the simulator.  
Prior to visiting, if you order the PC from us we will have pre-installed any sim racing games per your request (you will be charged for the simulator games at the price they sell for on Steam, there is no charge for our setup service as this is included in the Assembly & Installation service). Once at your premises, we will configure the PC to connect to your internet, either wireless or by ethernet cable. We will and test all included games and configure the hardware to be recognised and setup on the games.
If applicable, we will fine tune the motion for all games to perfectly suit the floor surface and environment. Motion actuators have pre-defined profiles for each of the games, but we will fine-tune these profiles live per your requirements and feedback. If applicable, we will also provide training on setting up triple display, tuning motion code yourself for each game and finally a training session on the track driving, how to use , where applicable, the wheelbase, steering wheel, pedals, shifter and handbrake (customise the controls, button mapping, utilising the proprietary software to configure the device etc). After the installation, we are happy to provide you further assistance remotely, i.e. by video call or remote desktop access, and another in person appointment can be scheduled (additional charge) if you would rather we visit your premises again.