eSports Gaming is now a huge industry, and top gamer's in competitions fight over seriously big money prizes - the champion of the Fortnite World Cup Finals 2019 won an insane $3,000,000!

Obviously, Sim Racing has its own eSports championships, mainly using games like F1 2019, GT Sport and iracing, and and we are pleased to say that there is great prize money available too.

A few examples of big-profile sim racing championships:

  • The 2019 F1 New Balance eSports Series has a $500,000 prize pool
  • The FIA Gran Turismo World Championship had a prize pool of $250,000 
  • The Forza Racing Championship in 2018 awarded $250,000 in Prize Money
  • will award a total of $300,000 cash to sim racers in 2019 those 4 championships, and there's a cool $1.3 million dollars alone!

However, it should come as no surprise that not many people actually win these big prizes. You need to be very good - the competition at the highest level is very intense. But, some people have got to win it, so it could well be you...

Furthermore, and probably every sim racers dream, by excelling in sim racing, you could also end up getting a seat in a real life race! Obvious examples of this were the GT Academy, which pioneered putting sim racers into real racing cars, to show that their ability did transfer to real life racing too.

Nowadays there are loads of competitions, like World's Fastest Gamer 2, with a fantastic prize of a season of real racing!

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Obviously, if you have never played a racing game before, or regularly get beaten in online races, you aren't going to win any cash prizes. As with all sports, the people at the very pinnacle of the sim racing industry are talented drivers - proof being that a couple of talented sim racers called Max Verstappen and Lando Norris are also in a quite competitive single seater championship in real life...

For slower / less experienced sim racers, there are lots of smaller leagues for you to enter, progress through, gain experience and ultimately gain the skills required to participate at the top and contest for the big prize monies.

There's even now the FIA Motorsport Games, an olympic-styled competition which includes a digital eSports competition. Though this does cost 1000 euros to enter, so it isn't accessible to everyone. The take home point is that everyone is endorsing sim racing now, so yes, there is potential to make money sim racing.

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However, there are other ways of making money in sim racing aside from jackpot prizes. One example is tuition. If you have a good rig, and are a skilled sim racer, you can hire out your rig for private tuition. Many of our customers do this, and it is a great way to earn extra money. Equally, instead of hiring out your rig, you can tutor someone over the internet instead, helping them improve. All sportsmen get tutored from more experienced people (most drivers have driver coaches; and in tennis, the top seeded players usually have famous coaches, that were themselves a top seeded player decades ago)...sim racing is no different - if you have a skill, you can earn money from it. Obviously, you aren't going to make £100k a year from doing this, but it is a nice little money earner.

Proof that sim racing tuition is a viable example of how to make money sim racing is that the Williams eSports team recently announced their eSports Academy, where you get tuition from their team of super fast eSports racers. Packages start at £40 for 1 hour, and go up to £500 a month, for 3 hours coaching per week (8 weeks) and a day of live coaching at the Williams Esports Lounge & Williams F1 museum tour. Ultimately, this shows you that you can definitely earn decent money for (fundamentally) helping someone play a game! 

Indeed, it should come as no surprise that the fastest sim racers also use the best equipment. Upshift has partnered with many of the best sim racing brands worldwide, and have a team of Sim Racing Experts to help advise you and ready to answer any questions you have.