Playseat Challenge - Bargain Gaming Chair OR Expensive Deck Chair?

We've all struggled to find somewhere to mount a racing wheel - from the old flimsy desk to balancing it on your lap; we tried, and failed. If you've paid good money for a racing wheel and pedals, you simply MUST get something proper to mount them on - not like this guy...Credits: user tincathebest

To mount the wheel & pedals, you must decide whether you want a Wheelstand or a sim rig. Wheelstands are really expensive for what they are, and if you want a proper experience, among many other things, you need the proper driving position. This, as well as many other advantages, are offered by a Sim Rig, like the Trak Racer TR8 or the Sparco Evolve GP . We recommend these rigs to all customers as they will absolutely transform your Sim Racing experience for the better. The Playseat Challenge is a hybrid of these two types - it's more expensive than a wheelstand, but cheaper than a Sim Racing Cockpit - so which is it, a bargain racing simulator or an expensive deck chair...

Sparco Evolve Sim Racing Cockpit

The Sparco EVOLVE is the first Sim Racing Cockpit made by the legendary Italian manufacturer Sparco. They're bringing their expertise and quality into the Sim Racing market, producing some fantastic products. And the EVOLVE is their first Sim Racing Cockpit. As soon as you see it, you immediately notice something outstanding and unique about the EVOLVE: the Seat.

Unlike other brands which imitate racing seats in their Sim Racing Cockpits, Sparco Gaming use designs of their actual racing seats used in real life in championships worldwide, as well as using specialist materials like carbon fibre. Ultimately, it means their seats are much better than anything else on the market, with unmatched authenticity.