Asetek Elastomer Kit

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The Elastomer Kit from Asetek is a must have for anyone with Asetek pedals - it provides you with 5 elastomers:

Light Green – SOFTEST
Green – SOFT
Yellow – MID
Orange – FIRM

This gives you far more scope to adjust the firmness of your Asetek brake pedal, so is highly recommended.


Manufacturer description:

Personalise your braking experience to your preference with the Elastomer kit.

The most requested accessory to date, The Elastomer kit includes five elastomers of different strengths, providing new options for a softer or harder brake feeling on your Asetek SimSports® pedals.

Allowing you to maximise your performance or achieve the perfect simulation of your favourite ride!

Only compatible with Asetek Sim Racing Pedals (Invicta / Invicta S-Series / Forte / Forte S-Series)



Underneath is a chart showing the pressure needed to reach 2nd stage on your Invicta™ Brake.

Light Green – 25bar
Green – 30bar
Yellow – 40bar
Orange – 60bar
Red – 90bar


This chart is showing the pressure needed to reach 2nd stage on your Invicta™ Brake fitted with the Long Travel Kit.

Light Green – 30bar
Green – 45bar
Yellow – 50bar
Orange – 75bar
Red – 95bar


Underneath is a chart showing the pedal force needed to reach 2nd stage on your Forte® Brake.

Light Green – 35kg
Green – 50kg
Yellow – 60kg
Orange – 100kg
Red – 140kg