Playseat Challenge Gaming Chair

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Playseat Challenge Gaming Chair


The Playseat Challenge is a very basic, entry level sim racing chair. It is more expensive than a wheelstand, but is a lot cheaper than a full cockpit.

We think the Playseat Challenge is more of an expensive sun lounger than anything else; objectively, it does offer a single seater-esque driving position, and a mounting point for your wheel and pedals, but they will only work with cheaper, low power wheels. But if you're budget is higher, there are other items that feel more robust and well-built. If you want a gaming chair but don't have much space, the Playseat Challenge is perfect for you. It has a weight limit of 120kg, but for anyone who weighs 90kg or more, we advise buying something else, because you may feel somewhat uncomfortable and unstable in the Playseat Challenge (this is from our experience). 

To read our full review of the Playseat Challenge, click here.



    Playseat® Challenge is a fantastic entry level Playseat® sim racing seat for new gamers. The Playseat® Challenge driving simulator combines comfort, performance and stability at an absolutely unbeatable price. This excellently priced introductory level seat features an extremely comfortable Replica blow molded racing seat. 

    Featuring an infinitely adjustable driving position to suit child and adult drivers of all shapes and sizes changing position takes just seconds. The Playseat Challenge will allow you to gain absolute control of your racing game and enhance your driving experience. 

    Product Characteristics

  • Compatible with Playstation2®, Playstation3®, Xbox®, Xbox 360®, Wii®, Mac® and PC
  • Compatible with all steering wheel and pedal sets on the market
  • Patented universal fully adjustable steering wheel and pedal set support
  • Ergonomic adjustable seat with adjustable lumbar support
  • Easy to set up and fully adjusted within seconds
  • Superior build quality, stability and comfort
  • Easy to store due to it’s unique and patented collapsible design
  • Steering wheel and pedals are not included


      • Recommended drivers length:
        Minimum 120cm / 47inches; Maximum 220cm / 87inches
      • Recommended drivers wheight:
        Minimum 20kg / 47lbs; Maximum 122kg / 270lbs
      • If you weigh near the weight limit over about 90kg, we advise you to buy something else that will be more sturdy while you use it
      • Dimensions (LxWxH):
        136x54x96cm / 53x21x38inches
      • Dimensions collapsed (LxWxH):
        27x54x124cm / 11x21x48inches
      • Packaging dimensions (LxWxH):
    Playseat® Challenge box
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