Sparco Evolve GP Sim Racing Cockpit Rig

Price Includes 20% VAT

The Sparco Evolve GP Sim Racing Rig is a beautiful F1 / single seater sim rig by Sparco, one of the biggest brands in motorsport. It features a special edition of the Evolve frame, designed specifically for a GP single seater position.

The kit comprises the Evolve GP sim rig complete with pedal deck and wheel deck, the popular Sparco GP Sim Racing Seat (pictured below) and an adjustable integrated monitor mount that is VESA 100, 75 and 50 compatible.

Altogether, it is a lovely & compact sim rig. Being a Sparco product, the superb quality and design are clear to see. The wheel deck and pedal deck are sufficiently strong for most racing wheels and pedals, but note if you have a high-powered Direct Drive wheel and hydraulic pedals, the rig may flex.

Below is the approximate sizing diagram for the Sparco GP Sim Racing Seat (the seat, not the rig). Being a single-seater style seat, this is recommended for small-average sized individuals. 


This is a perfect product for those wanting a F1 / single seater Sim Racing Rig with the high quality design and finish you get from Sparco products.


Manufacturer description

  • Formula cockpit
  • Driving position derived from F1
  • Seat with fibreglass frame and customisable padding
  • Adjustable steering wheel & pedal support
  • Integrated monitor support
  • Mounted on levelling feet